March 23, 2015

I worked on someone today that needed a lot of help energetically. She had been fighting demons for a number of years, and now she needed help.

She described her struggle as one of fending off dark things for a very long time. It had gotten to the point that she felt she was filled with darkness, and could not see a way out of it. Then she found me.

We talked for a good while. I had previously seen her to do Reiki, and from that she felt that I might be the person to help her. 

I looked at her and saw many black holes within her. Now, I consider back holes a form of energy that sucks in all energy, especially light. I started by shielding her figuring that if anything bad came out, it would not be able to get back into her. I was already shielded, as was the room. And the room’s properties were such that any darkness that comes out of anyone is forced out through the ground and can’t come back in because of the shields.

I started with the crown chakra, and moved through each of them. At each one, I put one hand on her on top of her body, and the other beneath her. Usually, I do this at a skin on skin level, but she was not comfortable with that, and I worked with her comfort level. I connected to spirit and let go of myself as much as I could. This let the spirit energies move through me to do the work needed. (Previously, I would channel as much energy as I could and send it between my hands until that chakra was cleansed. Now I still let the energy go between my hands doing the cleansing, but I let go and let spirit work. It is much more powerful this way.)

Slowly, one by one, each of the chakras was clean. I then surrounded each in white light until they were glowing their proper colors. Then, I started each one spinning in the proper direction (clockwise looking at my subject). When that was all done, she felt much better. But I was not done yet.

I had seen something dark in her, and I wanted to get it out. When I do this, I effectively fill the person with white light. White light forces the dark thing out. Once out it gets tossed out through the ground and can’t come back in.

I do this one piece at a time. Basically, I start with a leg, and fill it with white light. Once that part is filled, it stays filled. I see it almost as filling with a semi-solid item, like whipped cream, as opposed to a liquid. And keep in mind, I am only the conduit for the energy. I used to use energy that I controlled, but now I just get out of the way and let spirit do all the heavy lifting. I eventually got her filled to the point where there was one small are where I had the dark thing trapped. As more light went into her, the dark thing was forced out in a bubble of light. I then tossed it to the ground where it went out. 

After that was done, it was time to cut the cords. We all connect to others with cords of energy. This is especially true for energy healers, and why we do a disconnect when we are done. Whatever cords we have allow people to take energy, or give energy, light or dark. We make connections all the time. We are connected to our loved ones, our friends. And sometimes if friends become enemies, we usually don’t disconnect from them. This is where cord cutting comes in, and it was taught to me several years ago by a friend to do on myself. I have modified it quite a bit from then.

I asked my subject to stand in front of me. Now, usually I recommend they be undressed as it takes them to their ‘base self’. When we think of ourselves, we don’t usually think of ourselves with whatever clothes we are wearing today. We think of ourselves in our ‘base’ form. There is also a psychological point to this as well. If we are naked, we are open, unprotected. (This is also why people who torture others will undress them first. It makes them more vulnerable.) But the point here is to take that base self and make it strong. Again, I work with whatever the comfort level of the client is. Sometimes they can get by this psychological step and sometimes they can not. My client elected to remain dressed.

I started by dropping a shield over her to protect her. I then created a ball of fire (energetic fire) between my hands, and slowly surrounded her with it. She could feel the heat of the fire. As she was covered in ‘flame’, I watched all the connections burn away, good and bad. And the point of fire is that it cuts and cauterizes so it can not grow back. 

Once all the connections were cut, I extinguished the flame. The shield I had thrown over her kept everything out, so these cords could not reconnect. I then walked her through a shielding exercise to put up her own shields underneath mine. One of the properties of these shields would be to allow connections that were good for her, but not allow any others. 

When this was done, I pulled down my shield and let hers take control. She told me she felt better than she had in years. Very cool.