March 26, 2015

Had a good time in Mediumship class today. My former teacher, Kay came through.

We were doing an information form and getting as much about the person as we could, then giving a message afterwards. I was on today. They rated the information I got at 80% - 90%, which is much better than last month's. 

But what got me the most was that Kay came through. I have only heard from her three times since she passed. This one was special. She told me that I am in the right place doing what I am supposed to be doing. That was a confirmation that I definitely needed to hear. 

I have been having my doubts recently. I still do not have the business to start making a profit. The business is paying for the business, but nothing more. I am doing good work, but getting people in is hard. This is a message I really needed to hear right now. I'm glad she came through.