March 30, 2015

After having gone through a lot of loss in the first few months of this year, the term that has been used when people talk to me is “Sorry for your loss”. And that actually is the most appropriate thing to say.

As a psychic medium, I know that the end of this life is simply a return to real life. It is not sad that someone is out of pain, and has been freed from the trappings of this existence. It is not sad that they will not be able to reach a certain age, or didn’t get to experience certain things. That was part of the plan they made when they came to this life. The loss is not experienced by them.

The loss is experienced by us, the ones left behind. A person of my gifts, I know that these people are fine and well. The loss is of not having them in this physical reality, this life. And the loss of their presence leaves a hole that hopefully is filled by something else over time. But it IS our loss.

And to those that offer their condolences and say “sorry for your loss”, thank you for your concern and energy.

I want to thank everyone for their wishes, energy, and thoughts during this difficult time(s). In the past two months, I have lost three figures from my life. One of them was four-legged, and two were fathers. And while this year seems to have started with a downward spiral of loss, it can only get better, and it will. Good things are coming, which will cause growth and happiness. Your energies sent during this time will be a catalyst that make that happen.