October 5, 2015

At Caring Palms we do a lot of 'energy work'. But what is that? What energies do we use?

Let's start with some basic concepts. The first is that everything is energy, energy moving at different vibrational speeds (or frequencies). Some energy vibrates at a very low speed. These things appear to us as solid objects, things in the physical environment. Other things vibrate at faster speeds, some we can see or hear such as light and sound, others we can't such as sound thought.

As scientists will tell us, energy can not be destroyed, it simply changes form (vibration). For instance, if you burn a log, that log (which is energy moving at a low speed), will be consumed until there is nothing left. But while the log is gone, it still exists in the form of ash and smoke. The energy was not destroyed, it simply changed into another form.

If we accept that everything is energy, and that all energy vibrates at a different frequency, then we can know an order of vibrations. If we start at the bottom with very low vibrations, we pass through a lot of things as the vibrations get higher. Think of it like tuning a radio to another channel, or scanning the band for new stations. You start at the low end and go to the high end.

At the low end, we have the physical things. That chair you are probably sitting in while you read this has a low vibration. That is why it is physical. As energy vibrations get higher, we move from the physical, down the road and encounter sound. As we keep moving up the line, we pass into radio waves. The first you encounter is the AM band from 6.5mhz to 16mhz. After that comes FM and shortwave, and then TV waves (which is actually in the FM band somewhere didn't know I knew this stuff did you?). Then we get to light,

microwaves, x-rays, gamma energy, delta energy, and finally cosmic energy. That is quite a list. Somewhere at the top end of that is thought energy. (The Law of Attraction says that any energies you put into certain outcomes will come to pass as long as you keep doing it. The problem is that it takes a while for thought energies to slow their vibration down to become physical.)

Most of the energy work we do at Caring Palms is Reiki. Reiki is life force energy brought in from the universe, passed through someone, into someone else in need. By organizing our thoughts (or using the energies of our thoughts), we Reiki practitioners can tap into this energy, bring it into ourselves, and then send it to someone else. By utilizing the energies that are our own thoughts, we control other energies so that we can help people.

Every problem in someone has negative energy associated with it, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. We use the energies of our thoughts to manipulate other energies to get rid of (or at least lessen) these negative energies. A headache is negative energy. We can (with training and practice) use energies to remove this negative energy, thus removing the headache.

But energy starts at intent. What do we intend to do? Is our intent pure? I like to think that for us to be able to work on people as we do, we have to be pure of intent. We have to push aside everything going on right now, and simply have focus on what we are doing, and doing that for the greatest good. As I tell my students, if you can't be pure of intent and focus, you have no business touching somebody else. It is this purity that lets people know they can trust us, to know that we mean no harm, to know that we will help them.

By manipulating energies, we can affect other energies. For instance, if someone is depressed, and we pass positive energy and love into them, then they feel better. (And yes, emotions, like love, are energies.) This is why energy medicine works. It works on a higher level (vibration / frequency), it works on the level of the problem. And because it works on this level, it can do wonders.

Energy work. It does not matter whether we are talking Reiki, white light, crystals, Polarity, or something else. Energy work can be powerful.