August 1, 2016


What do you know? What do you feel in your gut? What feels right to the base of your soul? Is this what you follow, or are you swayed to follow something else?

As humans, we are told that we have five senses, sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacoception or olfacception), and touch (tactioception). But in truth, we have six senses. It has long been believed that this sixth sense is simply a tool of science fiction, or a gift only to psychics. But everyone has it. It is that gnawing feeling when you are about to do something wrong, or that certainty when you know exactly what you are about to do is absolutely right. We could even call it intuition.

We pick up energies all the time, and those energies come into us through our third eye located in the forehead. This is how we receive information that we don’t pick up with our other five senses. But what do we do with this energy, this knowledge? Most times, we ignore it. Other times, we overthink it, then ignore it.

We need to start listening to it. We need to start paying attention to what it is saying, our lives depend on it. We are going through a very important time in our country’s history, in fact the world’s history. How we act, how we see things will determine the fate of billions of lives on this spaceship we inhabit called earth.

The question is... what feels right to you? What does your gut say? Yes, your gut. While there is always a constant battle between heart and head (what we want and why we can or can’t do it), the gut is usually where we feel the truest information. It gets nervous when we are about to do something wrong. This is how it tells us to take another look at what we are about to do. It feels sure when we are about to do something right. When that moment comes and for some reason, you are absolutely sure that this is the correct action, this is your gut speaking to you. In both cases it is intuition which is formulated by the automatic compiling of energies which expresses itself in a certain feeling.

But we often overthink what we feel. Our gut is saying do something, it is totally right. But our head looks at it and says “this is crazy” and talks us out of listening to what our gut wants us to do. We need to start paying more attention to our gut rather than our brain. It is our brain that tries to temper our feelings, or emotions. It tries to put limits on what we think we should or should not do. It looks at ideas and dismiss them because they might be too far “out there”. But sometimes, it takes that stroke of genius and waters it down to something less amazing to the point that it is not amazing at all. Our brain says this is best for us, even though it may not be. It says listen to groups and what they say and do. It tells us to follow group logic even though your gut is telling you to stand on your own.

What does your gut tell you? Should you be spreading hate? Or love? Should you be working to bring us together? Or break us apart? Should you be helping? Or standing by watching?

Currently in the world, there is too much misinformation. In fact, it seems to be that if you repeat something enough times, people believe it. I actually want to start something myself. From now on, a foot is really 13 inches. Keep telling everyone that and eventually it will become truth. Or not.
While we want to think and make decisions with our intellect, it is hard. Because of the flood of misinformation, we can’t really tell what is true and what is not.

This is where the gut, and interpreting the sensations you feel based on the energies it has received, comes in. When the mind can’t make the decisions you need to make, you need to fall back on what your gut is telling you. You need to follow your intuition. Go with it.

Intuition forms around that feeling in the gut. It makes an overall sense to follow some path, some logic, some feeling. It does not follow groups, or ideas. It follows energy, as energy is where the truth is. Let go of all your precepts. Release all your emotion. Strip away that logic that has been driving you. And do the one thing that feels right, the one thing you are being told inside of you that you are doing the right thing. Trust your gut. Make your decisions based on that. Only then, can you be sure.