August 11, 2016

I am now running on an energy high. I was in Day 1 of Eamonn Downey’s Master Mediumship class and did my first real trance.

I was paired with Lisa who worked first. Although she was supposed to do mediumship, she followed the energies where they led and did trance. While she was going into trance mode, I relaxed and went into the energies as well as practice. I felt I was where I needed to be and there was a spirit behind me willing to trade places with me, but I had to tell them “not now”.

She had some information for me. One thing was that spirit is pleased with the work I do. It told me that I am different than all these other people because I am here to learn and do the work. That I actually take what I learn and use it for healing. Yup, another tool in the toolbox.

When it was my turn (and my task was to do trance), I went in a little differently. I was having trouble calming, similar to what I have been going through when doing energy work like cleansings. (Lately, I have been having problems just letting energy through. I have been getting tense, and not clear enough to simply allow it.) I was even thinking I should tell Eamonn to allow me to do a trance healing to get back to the feeling of trance.

Finally, I forced myself to relax, and went really deep. Although I felt I was there (rather than standing off to the side), I was in full trance. I spoke the words spirt wanted spoken. I felt my head move from side to side. I answered (or spirit answered) questions.

The energy was amazing. The amount of energy surrounding me and passing through my hands was immense. It also took me a couple minutes to come out of it.

When Eamonn came around to critique, he told me he could see me standing back and aside of myself. He said he had never seen me reach this level, and I agreed with him, I had never reached this level before. Day 1 down, and ending with a high. Let’s hope this carries through for the rest of the seminar.