August 13, 2016

It was the last day of the seminar, and it was a magical as the rest.

I was paired with Cheryl for the first couple of sessions. I met her a few years back at Stansted in Florida. We got paired to do a joint reading to half of the class. I remember her telling me that she hoped something came in. I also remember that I did something I usually didn’t do… I told her that spirit would be there when we were ready.

This time she started with something similar, and I told her the same thing. She brought through one of my guides that reminded me that I need to have fun at this as much as anything. Good reminder.

I then went into trance and listened while spirit told her to quit doubting herself. Spirit reminded her that she does good work, and by now should have the confidence to know she can. During this time she was trying to write down everything I said, which came to some three and a half pages. One thing she pointed out to me later was something that had deep meaning for her. Spirit had said that in failure, there are degrees of pass. Which means that unless something is a complete and utter failure, there are things that went right in the attempt. One needs to acknowledge what went right and use them in the next attempt.

Since I was paired with Cheryl again, I decided that I wanted to something different, so I did trance healing. I wasn't as deep as I wanted to be, but it went very well.

Each day, Eamonn had chosen six students to do a demonstration in the last hour of class. Each one got to choose what they wanted to do, either evidential mediumship, or healing, or trance, or messages from higher consciousness. I had not been in the group of selected people the first two days, so I knew be presenting today. I wasn’t worried about it, but I knew it would be today.

When asked what I would do, I told Eamonn that I was a bit disappointed that I had been at a mediumship seminar for three days, and not done evidential mediumship. But then again, I decided to go with what was working, and do trance.

I was next to last, so I knew it would be some type or wrap up that spirit would be passing on. I was surprised how quickly I dropped in. Spirit passed on a message to the class that reminded them that when they leave, they still need to practice and spread their light. I remember turning my head (with my eyes closed) to look at each and every student seated in the room. When I came out, it was amazing. Eamonn and everyone in the class was telling me how good it was.

It was a magical weekend, and the key now is to not lose it. I need to keep practicing and keep it fresh.