February 15, 2016

I had a lady walk in and ask about Reiki classes. After I had talked with her a while, she asked me if I knew any good psychics in the area.

Uhh, yes, I think I do. I ended up giving her a mediumship reading. I brought through someone she did not recognize. After a while of trying, I let that spirit go, and brought in her father. At some point, she asked about her husband, and he popped in as well.

The information I gave her was good, and accurate, but she just wanted spirit to be more specific. She was looking for an area to move to, and basically was wanting spirit to give her an address. The problem is that spirit does not work that way.

She got what she needed, just not what she wanted. She was told how to go about things, and to trust herself. She was told to feel the touch of spirit guiding her. But she had to trust in herself first.

This is becoming a common factor. People will come for a reading, and not like what they hear, or not want to hear what they are being told. Maybe I need to set the stage a little better.