May 1, 2016

Learning From Life

I’m pretty sure that most of you can say that you ‘ve had events happen in your lives and asked what you should be learning from it. I know I have. And while we think of these times, we mostly bring up the times when things have gone horribly wrong. But, in truth, we should also consider times when things have gone perfectly right as well.

How we accept them, and see them is dependent on how thick-headed we are. Now, I have to admit that I am very thick-headed. All too often, I need to be hit in the face with something to notice it. I need to be forced out of my comfort zone to change what I am doing. I most certainly won’t leave it willingly. My path over the last many years has been one of begin comfortable, and being forced out of one situation, then another.

Twenty years ago, my wife and I lived in Maryland. It was there that I met someone that taught me basic energy. She taught me meditation, energy from crystals, earth energy, and noticing energies. She was very instrumental in starting me along the path that I follow today. But, then she turned to the dark side of the force. She started using people for her ow desires. It took me a while to see it, but finally I did. I was forced to leave my first teacher, and find another. And after a period of time, I did. And then I found a student who taught me basic massage while I taught her energy work. And then there was another shake up.

During the last year in Maryland, we had been subject to a few wind storms, one of which broke our apple tree, the one that had the best apples. Then there was a disease that manifested in the peach tree that caused all the peaches to go bad. These were subtle signs that the energies were changing, but they went unnoticed. Then the kick in the face came. The company I had been working at for a number of years went out of business. My wife’s company announced that they were moving to Florida. Although we did not want to leave our family and friends, we moved.

But Florida was where I needed to be. It was here that I found a Reiki teacher, and took psychic development classes. Also, while working at my day job, I was able to go to massage school as I was drawn to that type of work. Then another surprise happened, my Reiki teacher died. Now we always thought that she had more to teach us, and she was going to make us work for it.

After a few years, I found a new teacher, a teacher of mediumship. Through all these journeys, I have extended what I can do, and grown my skills into what they are today.

But one has to wonder what each phase of this journey was supposed to teach me, or more precisely, what was I supposed to learn. We are here on this earth to learn and to experience. We are here to grow our knowledge and life energy. So, an entire life is a series of learning situations, and after we pass, we review it. But while we are still in it, what do we get from each change, from each lesson?

When we came to Florida, we were separated from family and friends. I had to deal with the deaths of each of my parents from a long distance. But maybe the lesson was that we needed to learn to stand on our own without help from others, and to learn to deal with loss and the feeling of helplessness. We were left without support of those we used to lean on. The lesson was that we could make it without that. In fact, in years since, we have been the support for others, like my in-laws.

The loss of my Reiki/Psychic Development teacher also made me stand on my own. It made me learn things without her. I probably would have stayed with her forever, but I was not so subtly being shown that I needed to move on (which was the same for her other students).

This led me to find another teacher, who opened up the world of mediumship to me. And this led me to other teachers as well. Eventually, some day, that will change, and in that change will be another lesson to be learned.

The key is to look at these events as learning opportunities, not tragedies. If we sit and wonder why something happened, and think how bad it is, then we will never look for what it is we are supposed to learn. What are we learning today?