February 2, 2017

Celebrity Deaths 

There has been a lot of talk and press about the large amounts of celebrities dying. While recent ones we have lost have “been up there in years”, many in the last year have not. And lately, they seem to be going left and right. But while we hear of celebrity deaths a lot, we have to know that they are not the only ones leaving this physical plane.

Yes, because of the fame of these people, the news covers them. But there have been as many (and probably on an order of 10-fold or more) of normal people that have passed on. We just only hear about the famous ones. Basically, a lot of people are leaving the planet.

I remember being told many years ago, that there would come a time when things would turn bad, a time of the coming apocalypse, or Armageddon. And I was told that a lot of souls would leave this plane as they don’t want to be around for it. Well, this all may be true, or it may just be a bunch of felgercarb.

I mean, yes, a lot of people are leaving the planet. But a lot of people are staying, and a lot are being born into it. I feel that we as souls make a decision when to live, when to come into existence. We decide before birth what it is we are meant to accomplish on this mortal plane. Do we want to set up certain things and then leave them to others. Or do we want to be the ones helping, or leading others to better times? 

While it seems there is a lot of talk of destruction and the end of the world, a lot of talk of hate and evil, there is also a lot of talk of love, and compassion, and care. You see if we follow the belief that we are here for a reason, and that reason was decided before our births, then those of us that are here now, made this decision to be here in this time.

And to be here may be a responsibility, a way to better humankind, a way to bring about better times, a way to spread light. With all the talk of darkness, there has to be people that will shine the light, the light of peace, the light of joy, the light of... hope.

When we lose hope, then darkness can overcome. But I have hope, hope that things will get better, better without violence, better without catastrophe, better without destruction.

I have hope, and because I do, I believe that if we spread hope, hope will overcome. All it takes is one positive thought a day. And then telling someone that positive thought. Maybe they will tell others. And before long, positive ideas will turn to positive actions. And positive actions will create more positive actions. Then you will begin the process of spreading hope, of spreading light.

So, this was my positive thought for the day. Who else has a positive thought they want to pass on?