June 1, 2017

Made of Energy - Believing

We’re made of energy. No, really. We are. As we’ve talked before, everything exists on a scale of vibration. The faster the vibration, the more fluid things are. Things like light and sound, and gamma rays. The slower the vibration, the more solid things are, like that chair you’re sitting on, or that table that is hold my tablet, or, uh, us.

So, if we think of ourselves as pieces, we are a series of atoms being held together by some force (yes, I went there). That force is energy. But keep in mind that energy is changeable. Energy is changing all the time. We change energy every time we change our minds. But what about the energy that defines us? Well, that is changeable too.

There are several practices that claim one can actually change portions of their DNA. No, this is not on the levels we measure through science, but deeper. In fact, one precept that some people believe about Reiki is that the teacher changes the student’s DNA through the attunement to accept the Reiki energy. I’m not a believer of that, but it does show signs that there are those that believe we can make changes to our energies to make changes in ourselves. And while that is part of all energy healing, we are still talking on a deeper level.

We believe that we can change our health by energy healing, and we can. But what if I told you that we can cure all ills just by believing? Well, you’d probably think I was crazier than you already do. But follow this if you will. By deciding what is fact, and what we can do, we can make changes in our own energies to change ourselves. Our energies are made up of everything that is going on with us right now from our mood to our emotions to our physical makeup. Now, I’m not saying that crossing my fingers and rubbing the magic lamp, I will suddenly be taller and thinner. But I know that if I am going to lose weight, I will have to believe in it first, as without that, nothing will happen. 

But in our makeup are also all the things wrong with us from sore backs to illnesses. And those are also part of our energies, some we use to define ourselves, as we all too often, define ourselves by our problems. And believing that we can cure ourselves (and I mean truly believing), we can do so because we can change our energies at the deepest levels. But, we are taught that we need to believe in doctors, and drugs, and not in this fantasy that we have control over what we are. So, in truth, we can “fix” everything that is wrong with ourselves, but it takes a lifetime of undoing what we have been taught by those that don’t know any better. This is truly why energy healing is getting so popular, because we are throwing away what we have been taught because it is failing us, and looking to the possibility that there might be something more. And there is... if we believe.