June 19, 2017

 Before putting things back after the memorial, I sat down to do some meditation, and Imelda stopped in to join me.

I decided that I needed to change the energies after the memorial two nights ago, so I sat down on the floor and went into the energies. I was filled with white light, and sitting in the power when Imelda appeared in front of me. She walked up and sat on the floor facing me. She reached out and took my hands. At that moment, I felt powerful energies again. I felt like my consciousness reached out from one end of the galaxy to the other and further. I could feel pulsing, and power. I knew that this was the next activation. I felt connections inside me being formed. I knew I would be able to attach to these energies again whenever I wanted.

When it was all done, she released my hands, stood up, and faded away.

I came out of the meditation, harnessed the energies and cleaned the room so I could bring in my massage table and begin to work on clients. Wow.