November 2, 2017

Affirming Belief

Who are you? What is your worth (and we’re not talking finances)? How much are you valued by friends and family? How much are you valued by yourself?

We ask these questions to lead you down a path. What do you feel your friends and family feel about you? How much of a value are you in their lives? 

We all want to be valued by someone. We all want to have some importance in the grand scheme of things. But what is it we think when we wonder if we have achieved that or not? In most cases, we don’t feel we are what our friends believe we are. They have more belief in us than we do. 

How do you value yourself? Are you a good person? Are you strong? Are you capable? Are you worthy? We all go back to Bill and Ted saying, “We’re not worthy.” But we are.

A lot of people suffer from issues of self worth. We keep hearing “we’re not worthy”, but in fact, we are. Each person needs to know that they have value, that they are strong, that they are worthy. And believing in that is half the battle, or maybe more than half. 

To help this, you have to start believing in yourself, to love yourself. The sad truth is that if we don’t believe in ourselves, no one else will. This holds true for friends and workplaces. So what can you do to change how you think? Affirmations.

Affirmations are lines that you read to yourself daily. Things like, “I love and approve of myself exactly as I am”. Initially, reading something like this, you might not believe in it at all. The more you read it to yourself, the more belief you will have in it. You are affirming belief in yourself. You are giving yourself positive information and positive energy. Through these, you will allow yourself to be strong, to stand tall, to believe in yourself, and that you are worthy. 

There are a few affirmations below to get you started. More can be found on the website here. Read them every day. At first you may not believe any of them. Eventually, you will believe all of them. Then watch how others around you start to believe in you as well.

I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.
I have the ability to change my state of mind.
I see opportunity in everything.
I am a valuable asset to my friends and family.
I am safe and protected wherever I go.
I am an extremely happy person.
I am a good person.
I am worthy of good things happening to me.
I accept the challenges of life and handle them with skill and confidence.
Instead of wasting energy on fear, I will use energy creating positive outcomes.
In order to transform others, I must first transform myself.
I have only love and compassion for others, anything else is a waste.
I am the master of my fate.
Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
The Force will be with me, always.
I Can Handle It!!