November 10, 2017

I taught someone to step into their power today, and in doing so, I stepped into mine.

The one shadow fighter that I have been doing the most work with was in to see me today. In talking with her, she admitted that she was afraid of her power. She knew she was very powerful, and knew that if she used that power while she was angry, she could do some damage.

I talked for a while convincing her that this power was for good only. That she needed to take a step back from anger, to look at what she is about to do, and change it.

I then started getting her slowly taking physical steps forward. With each step, she walked more and more into her own power, and as she did, she became comfortable with it. Finally, she took the last step and was fully into her power. And as she took that step, I took one step backwards, and became fully into mine. Uhh, wow.

So now I am working on a way of powering up in white light faster. I start the energies, and then take one step backwards, and I am at full power. Cool.