January 6, 2018

Today was the second day of Eamonn Downey’s mediumship class. But while the work was good, and the connections were awesome, the biggest point for me was receiving, and it was the reading of the day. They brought through MacKenzie.

Kensi was the daughter of my friend that passed away two years ago. She had asked me to give the eulogy at the funeral. Several months ago, Kensi found out that she had pancreatic cancer, and the doctors told her that with chemotherapy, she probably had eight months. She started out with conventional treatment helped with alternative until in the darkest depths of one night, she reached out to all her friends, and only one answered. This friend convinced her that Jesus was the only way and that all other things… Reiki, mediumship, alternative medicine were the devils work (see the post od December 13th). Well, she passed away on the 12th of December. Today, I heard from her, and while I’m glad I did (and I kind of expected I would), she rocked my world.

Lisa was the first one in our group to read, and she brought Kens through so clearly and purely that it was amazing. She described her to a T. As Lisa was talking, she was fighting back tears, as was I. I was trying to hold it until the end so I could hear everything that was being said.

Kensi told me many things, and I wish I had thought to record it as too much of it is lost in the cobwebs now. She likes where she is. She is at a place where she can help people. She is very centered unlike the scattered she was in most of her life here. She was getting her act together when the time came for her to move on. She knows that she needed to. She feels bad that she treated many people differently the past many days or weeks. This was unlike her, but it was part of what her human body was going through.

She is working energies to help people here in this life, and she can because she is so centered. She told me that she has been working with me, helping in the energy work I do. She said that while people may not feel the full effect from my work immediately, she is making little tweaks to make sure the healing happens fully.

Kensi also told me that she is so centered because of the things I did for here, how I helped her, the energy teachings I did with her. Wow. She said that it is because of me that she can do what she does now. That, and the love for me and what I do is what makes her want to help in the things I do now.

What is hilarious is that she told me that she watches me do things, and still is learning from me. She’ll see me do something in a unique way, and like it, and then adopt it to what she is doing. OMG!

Today was a memorial for her, and I knew I would not be going. I knew if asked, I would not be giving her eulogy, so I was not asked. I just couldn’t do it. I was angry at her friend that turned her away form things that might have helped her. I was angry at her for choosing to die, even though she did not know she was doing that. In a way, I was glad today’s class was the date they decided to have the memorial. It gave me a legitimate excuse not to go. And there was a better chance of hearing from her.

I’m sure she went on to her memorial, and touched a lot of people there. But I know, none got the message I got, and I am so grateful that I got it.

After the reading, I was in tears. I could not stop crying (still having trouble as I write this). Marilyn went and got me tissues. I’m not usually the one crying in readings. It was a good three or four minutes before I could calm enough to tell the three people I was with the back story.

Thank you Kensi for the message today. Thank you Lisa for having the talent to deliver it so well. And thank you Kensi for helping me as you do. I love you.