January 7, 2018

Taking Eamonn’s mediumship classes the last two days has been fascinating. He keeps coming up with new stuff that is beyond what anyone else is teaching. But what he is moving to goes beyond the normal style/trend, but it seems to be necessary.

In the 1950s in Britain, mediumship was illegal, so it was done in private homes to avoid arrest. There was one person that was doing a dep trance in a private home when the police raided it. He died. That was when they came up with the Fraudulent Mediumship Act which in turn defined the British style of mediumship.

The British style is where a reader first gives evidence to prove that this spirit they are “speaking” with is truly the person that they claim hey are. This is what they look like. This is where they lived, what they did, how they were. This is how they passed. Then once recognition has been made, the message is passed on. I find this a much better method than the American version: “Uhh, your mother is standing behind you. She is telling me that she loves you. Uhhh, felgercarb.” But while this style is much better, it has locked British mediums in a box.

What Eamonn was explaining (and he was channeling from spirit) is that spirits don’t want to live in the past. They obviously have to give some of that information to be recognized, but they would much better prefer talking about what is going on now and what is coming. Eamonn has described it as the life lived, the life shared, and the life moving forward. He explained it as the light, the shade, and I can’t remember the other term.

At any rate, they want to talk about life moving forward. They don’t want to dwell on the past and more than we do, or should. They want to go over fresh stuff, to help you on your journey, to let you know that the past is behind, and that we need to focus ahead.

It is a unique concept that the British style to some extent ignores. But it is important to spirit and to us. And while doing the new techniques he taught us, it was harder to get the evidence, but the presence of who that spirit was and what they wanted to say was much stronger.