January 11, 2018

I performed my first wedding today.

A friend knew a couple that were married, and divorced, and now were looking at getting married again. So in Florida, South Carolina, and Maine, a notary public can marry people. It is actually why I got my notary many years ago as a friend wanted me to perform her nuptials. Unfortunately, my notary outlasted her relationship.

The couple came in, and started asking the legality of it. And it is perfectly legal. I signed and notarized the documents. I had a friend come in to be a witness even though Florida does not need any.

I took them into the treatment room and started speaking, inspirational speaking, which today was not all that inspiring. I talked about commitment to each other and a couple other things. Unfortunately, I feel they were expecting more traditional words, and that is not how I roll. The state decrees that there needs to be a ceremony, but it really does not need to be much. No vows, no hellfire if you don’t honor and obey. My friend wanted to call it simply a prayer blessing.

Next time, I think I’ll be a little more prepared and open to spirit.