Actions and Counter-Actions
By Brian Dean

For each and every action, there is an opposite reaction (or counter-action), or so we have been told. This is what pushes rockets into space, power coming out of one end pushing it in the opposite direction. But what about an action that stops a counter-action from happening? What about analyzing a situation and preparing for all possibilities making those unwanted possibilities not happen?

For everything we do, there is the possibility of action and counter-action. There is always the possibility for mistake. But what if we recognized that possibility for mistake? What If we accepted the possibility? Might that mistake not happen?

So we might make a mistake in doing something. But we recognize that possibility, and prepare for that. Does that recognition and preparation make the mistake not happen? Considering how energy works, I think so. We understand all possibilities and know that something could go wrong, but in knowing that, we accept it, and set the energies so that we can recover from it if it happens. Yet by being the positive person and focusing on things working out, we make them happen as they should.

Mythbusters have a saying, "Failure is always an option." And in what they do it is. Every scientific experiment has a possibility of failure. But so does everything else. But by knowing and accepting the possibility of failure, we put our energies to the positive outcome and make that happen. This is the bizarre symmetry of the energy of the universe.

Let's say that the weather predictor has said it will rain today, so you take an umbrella with you. And it does not rain. Now was the predictor wrong, or just the fact that you were prepared for rain, made it not rain? Many times, I will be sitting at a red light, and after a while I will shift the car into neutral. Usually within seconds, the light turns green. I have begun to think that shifting the car into neutral causes the light to change. Why not, action, counter-action.

Having grown up in a very rural area where there were a lot of farms,
I noticed that whenever it is going to rain, the cows in the fields lay down. Any other time they are always standing. So, do the cows laying down cause it to rain? I always wondered that if someone went out and kicked each cow in the rump to get it to stand up if that would make it not rain. Ah, yes, a scientific experiment waiting for someone to test.

So, what can you like to make happen?