A Call to Lightworkers and Positive Thinkers
By Brian Dean

According to historians, who look at patterns, we are heading into dark times. Well, that maybe true, or it may not. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we are now a broken, divided people. There is hate, and anger, and violence.

I am reminded of a filk song my wife and I wrote years ago. (Filk: Fan Folk singing at sci-fi conventions.) It was about Star Wars, and told the story of Luke Skywalker. The middle verse was haunting, yet rings through today. The tune it was written to is “Stand By Me”.

The Knights are all gone, and the future is dark,
And the death star is the only thing I see.
I won’t be afraid. I’ll control my fear.
For I know that the Force is with me.

To me today, it means that all of us lightworkers and healers need to be on our “A” Game. We have the power of spirit at our backs (the Force). There is darkness, and hate. But we won’t fear it because we can control our fear. We need instead to be the light shining through the darkness, helping heal in whatever times are coming. We need to be the positive in all the negative.

And it doesn’t stop with healers. If we stop our bickering, and just think positively, that will add positive energy as well. We have to believe that things will get better, that this divide will heal. In doing so, we make it happen. We have the strength to make a difference simply by believing we can.

So, band together. See the positive. Be the positive. We can do it.