Chakras - How Do They Become Blocked?
By Brian Dean

Knowing what each chakra does gives us some insight into what issues (or symptoms if you will) are occurring when we see a block. For instance, if the Center chakra is blocked, someone is having emotional issues. Years ago at a psychic fair, I had just met someone who laid on my table. I checked her chakras and found her Center chakra blocked. I told her that she was going through some emotional issues. She then told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend two days earlier (something I could not have known).

If someone’s Throat chakra is blocked, I know that they are having trouble communicating. It could be that they are going to be doing public speaking, and it is something that they are afraid of. Or it could be that they really want to tell someone how they feel, but they hold back. 

Chakras become blocked through a progression of things. For instance, usually the Solar Plexus chakra becomes blocked first because someone worries about something. Next, they get emotional about it, and that blocks the Center chakra. Of course that causes the person to be off balance which shows up as a blockage of the Heart chakra. After that they will probably have trouble communicating as the Throat chakra blocks. And finally this could throw off their intuition, thus blocking their Third Eye chakra. 

So, worrying can spread quickly until five of the seven chakras are blocked. This of course can spread to the root giving someone physical problems (aches, pains), and to the crown making them disconnect with spirit. 

Now, chakras can be unblocked with a major chakra cleansing. This is something I do with white light. It takes about an hour for around $60. And I have been doing a lot of this lately as people are constantly worrying about things. They worry about the country, about their lives, about their interactions with others. We also find that a lot of these people don’t have enough faith in themselves, and feel powerless. 

A new client told me that she had seen a local psychic who had told her that her chakras were blocked. She offered to clean them for $100 per chakra. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I explained what I do. You see, if one paid that much for their cleaning, they could start worrying about it and then block their chakras right back up. 

And the difference is that when I do a cleaning, I send people home with tools and homework. I usually give them affirmations to read daily. I give them the Six Words article which strengthens them and helps them believe in themselves more. I tell them to read these daily. It is a way of affirming belief in themselves. When I do an Etheric Cord Cutting, I give people energy exercises to do daily, like shielding and grounding to help them stay clean and protected. This is the difference we do here that others do not.

Chakras get blocked. They get blocked due to things that happen in every day life. Hopefully, one can deal with it before one needs a major cleanse, but this does happen. The way one works to help not block their chakras is to look at their attitude and change it. Stop worrying so much (and that is easier said, or typed, than done). Step back and look at things differently. Meditate. Change how you react to things. Allow. Accept. 

But if you need help, come see us. And if someone tells you that it will cost $700 to clear your chakras, just smile and give us a call.