Chakras - What Are They? - What do they Affect?
By Brian Dean

During energy work sessions, we talk about chakras a lot. We clean chakras, we balance chakras, we bring them into alignment. But what are they? 

Chakras (pronounced shock-rahs, not chack-ruhs as they do in the south) are the seven major energy centers in your body. Each one has a specific color to them. Each has relevance over various things in the body. If they are blocked, it means that there are negative things going on (negative energy) that are causing these blocks. 

Here is a list of the chakras, their locations, and their meanings. 

Root: This is located at the pubic bone, and yes the root chakra on a male is an inch or two lower than on a female, go figure. The color is Red and it controls things physical in the body. A block here would indicate that the person is having some physical issues. 

Spleen or Center: This is located just below the naval. Many call it the spleen chakra, but since it is located at the physical center of the body, we call it the center chakra. The color is Orange. This is your emotional energy center. A block here indicates that someone is having emotional issues. 

Solar Plexus: This is just below the sternum (the big bone that covers your heart). The color is Yellow (yellow). This is associated with thought processes. A block here would be because someone is having trouble thinking or over thinking (worrying).

Heart: This is obviously located at the heart. The color is Green and it controls balance. A block would mean that one is out of balance (as opposed to off balance). As the root chakra controls physical, it could cause one to be off balance, as in having trouble standing. This chakra has more to do with balance in life. How many of us are truly balanced? As the one minister said years ago, the point of balance is where the pendulum passes at the fasted speed.

Throat: Another obvious location. This chakra is colored Blue, and involves communication. A block would indicate that one is either having trouble communicating, or biting their tongue a lot (something I did at my last day job).

Third Eye: This is located in the center of the forehead, and the color is Indigo (a blue violet). This is your insight, your intuition. Effectively, it is your sixth sense. This is where you pick up information (in the form of energy) that you do not get with your other senses. A block here indicates that one’s intuition is not working causing them doubt and hesitate, making them not know which way to turn.

Crown: This is located just above the head and is colored Violet. This is one’s connection to spirit, or ethereal connection to the universe. A block here would mean that someone has become disconnected or blocked from information coming from the universe. 

If you want to remember the colors in the proper, you just remember my good friend, ROY G. BIV.
Now I spend a lot of time clearing blocks in chakras. When I do Reiki, I first check for blocks, and clear them rather than leaving it for the

Reiki to do (it gives the Reiki one less thing to deal with). But there are times when the chakras are really blocked. When that happens, I do a major cleaning using white light. 

Chakras can be unblocked. But once they are it is up to the individual to keep them that way.

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