Hope, Faith, Belief
By Brian Dean

Written March, 2020

Hope is what we hold onto, to hope things will get better. Faith is what we have, to believe it will. Belief is the core connection to energy to actually start to change things. These are the three things that keep us moving, that don’t let is give up when times are tough. They create the motivation and the strength that moves us when needed. And in that motivation, we create the energies that actually change the situation.

When times are the darkest, hope starts us thinking. Hope that things will change, that they will get better. That hope ignites faith. Faith puts us on a path, a projection to see things getting better. That then gives us belief. Once we believe, truly believe, then we change things. Our thoughts link with the thoughts of others and reshape the world around us. We manifest the reality we want. We change the world in front of us, and we move into it, knowing that we have created a better place. 

We do this with our thoughts, by moving energies and having them intertwine with the current reality, to build a better one. 

We are moving through a crisis, but this crisis is not our destination. It is simply a way stop on our journey to someplace better. When this crisis is over, we may be looking at a new reality. It will be better. It may not yet though be our destination, maybe we will still need to pour the juices of creativity and hope over it until things are where we need to be. Either way, we are building our better tomorrow.

For the moment, we pause our day to day lives. Take this time to calm, to breathe, to let go the tensions so you are not sucked into the chaos. That will get you focusing on hope, then faith, then belief.

Humanity has been through many problems in its short existence. It has survived them all. And it will survive this one. I know that to be true because I have hope, and faith, and I believe it to be so. Who is with me? If we allow our collective hope to gather and build, it will be so. 

We can do anything. I know. I believe. Believe with me. 

Stay safe. Be smart. Act smart. And most importantly of all, have hope. 

Love and light to everyone.