We're Only Human
By Brian Dean

I’m only human. We’ve heard that so many times. “I can only do so much. I’m only human.”

True. We are only human. Human frailties. Human weaknesses. Human emotions. We are spirit locked into a physical body, trapped if you will. We are subject to the world around us, the noise, the traffic... physically and emotionally. We have forgotten that we are truly higher beings having a lower being experience. Or as it is commonly said... we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The problem with being human is that we get so wrapped up into what is going on, on the level we are existing at, that we forget we are part of something greater. Connecting to that higher self is something most people don’t do, and it is something most don’t realize they can do.

With the human body, we have our limitations. We can only lift so much. We can only move in certain ways. We can feel only certain levels of energy vibration. We can only think within the limits of what this body can do, but we also are limited by our teachings. These teachings are the most limiting of all because we are taught that the trappedness that our soul is in, is all that there is, at least until we move on to the next plane, and there are many that believe that there is no next plane. (In truth, that next plane is where we came from. It is also where we will return to when we finish experiencing what we are here to experience.)

But while we are only human, we are much more than human. Finding the right teachers can help us open up our minds, to imagine things that are not within the “normal” realm of what we think. Through this, we can open to possibilities, and then explore them. Through meditation and energy work, we can touch that higher self, get a better sense of right and wrong, of what is best for us, and maybe for others.

We find we can open to the energies of the universe. That does not mean that we are all going to turn into superheroes, or talk with the dead, or predict earthquakes, or even know which way to turn at the stoplight. But by connecting, we can have a better sense of ourselves, and how we fit in with the universe from the smallest level of our families to the global communities.

Through this we can get a sense of peace, a sense of following the right path for us. Sometimes this spreads out to helping others, sometimes it just helps us fit in with where we are. But through this we as humans become more than that, more than human.

Basically, we rise above our humanness, our frailties, our emotions, our human shortcomings. We reach heights we could never have imagined with the basic teachings we have been given. We open to a whole new world of possibilities which creates a new mix of probabilities. We expand, we grow. We grow to so much more than what we have been and currently are. All we have to do is reach out.

So reach out. Learn what there is to learn. Expand your thoughts which will expand your beliefs which will expand your being. So yes, we are only human, but we are also so much, much more.