Perfect Imperfections
by Brian Dean

A while ago, one of my Facebook friends posted "Just for today I will be ok with my imperfections."

We are imperfect beings. We’re all too tall, too short, too thin, too heavy. We have problems. We don’t follow through. We don’t think logically. We get emotional over things. Yes, these are all imperfections.

And we tend to work on these things. We try to improve them, to make ourselves better, and this is a good thing. We go on diets, we exercise, we meditate. We improve our state of being. But we will never reach perfection. Why not? Well, because there is no idealistic perfection.

You see, there are no perfect beings, at least what we visualize as perfect. We have this image of perfection, and we put it up on a pedestal to see, and admire, and strive to be like. But this is a myth. It is an unattainable entity. More like it is a goal to set you on a journey of self-improvement, but it is not a goal that one can truly reach.

At the same time, we are all perfect. Even though there is no perfect, we are all perfect in out own ways. We are all different. And those differences make this world interesting. The planet would not be any fun if we were all the same, if we were all that idealistic vision or perfection.

Even with all our imperfections, we are perfectly ourselves. And that is actually all right. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement, or growth, or striving to make oneself better. But one can not strive for that to meet some idealistic vision of perfection, whether that vision be yours, or someone else’s. after all, the only person in this world that we need to be true to, whose expectations we need to meet, is our self. That is the person whose opinion matters the most. Once we are happy, or satisfied with that one person, then we can look at interacting with others and letting them accept (or reject) us based on who we are, not who we think we should be.

So, today, I am going to be happy with myself as I am, knowing that I am the person I am meant to be.

And to my friend who posted the original statement, I respond, “Just for today, I will be ok with my perfections, no matter how imperfect they are.”

Thank you Cherrise for the wonderful idea.