Random Meanderings
By Brian Dean
Supplied by Spirit

We live life. We rock. We roll.
We ride in the fast lane. We get stuck in traffic.
We take out the trash. We plant flowers.
We have our ups and our downs, our ins and our outs.
We think at the speed of light and move at the speed of molasses.
We reinvent.
We make anew.
We try the path less taken.
We live. We die. And we live and we die.
Wax on, wax off.
We learn so many things.
And bundle them into the cosmic “us”.
We jump ahead and fall heavy.
We spring forward and gently alight upon the earth.
We change. We add and subtract.
We step forward and step back. Then we step forward again.
We dance. We fly. We flit from moment to moment.
Life is a dance, but one moment it is a waltz, the next, the Twist.
And there’s always the Tango.
We are constantly moving, constantly changing.
Growing. Fermenting. Reaching new heights. Touching the stars.
We create a recipe, a formula...
Take three eggs, one cup of flour, a pinch of salt, add peace, harmony, and joy.
Then step back and taste. Modify as needed.
This is us... everchanging.