Release, Allow, and Accept
By Brian Dean

Many of us are control freaks, in fact, I'd bet most of us. We like things to work a specific way, a pattern we are used to, something recognizable predictable. But many times, things don't go as planned. Let's say you stepped in the shower expecting the usual nice hot water shower that gets you going in the morning. But something happened and the hot water heater broke and all you have is a cold mess. Yes, things happen that are unpredictable. Things go wrong. And these things upset the balance of the universe, at least for us individually. And of course, they are out of our control.

As children, we expect things to go our way every time. As we grow older, we find that this is not the case. In fact, things don't go our way all that often. We try tightening our grip, our control, and see more things not behaving as we want them.

It is at this moment that we have to accept. Firstly, we accept that things can not be controlled. We have to accept that things happen as they should, and do so in their own times.

As we release our grip on things, we allow things to move according to their own nature. And then we adapt to that nature, which makes our expectations be more realistic, and lessens the stress that we put ourselves through. This then puts us in harmony with the nature of things. And once we start putting ourselves in harmony with the nature of small things, we also get into harmony with the nature of the universe. When we stop trying to control the universe, we start working with it, rather than against it.

Control is a myth. Wanting it causes stress which is against the way of things. Everything has a path, a form, a function, a time, and no matter what you do those will never change. So you change. You learn to let go, allow things to move as they should, and release the stress. Then you become a lovable, likeable person.

Release, allow, accept. This is how to move through life. This raises the vibration and allows joy to spread, which then relieves the stress in others. And that is what love is about.