A Ship in the Harbor
By Brian Dean

There is an old saying... A ship is safest in the harbor, but that is not what ships are made for.

But, what about us? What are we made for? Do we make the safe move, or do we extend ourselves to our limits taking risk in what we think is a worthwhile thing?

We all face decisions, some mundane, some mediocre, some life changing. How we approach things says a lot about us, but it also says a lot about what we are trying to achieve in life. Are we risk takers, strategists, or those that hide in the back of the classroom?

How do we react in situations? Some of us might be the type that take charge immediately even if we do not know what we are doing. Some of us might be the ones that work on the sidelines and let others lead, but we help that leader by making them see the right path to take. Some of us are happy to simply do what we can while others do the planning and leading.

But it is time to be brave. It is time to leave the safety of the shadows. It is time to stick a foot out and venture forth. Why? Because we are needed.

And old Chinese curse (or blessing, take your pick) says, “May you live in interesting times.” And right now, we have those. There is darkness, a lot of it. But there is also light washing away what bits of darkness that it can. And we need to be a part of that.

Leaving the safety of the shadows does not mean that one should be setting themselves up for failure, or taking big risks. It simply means that we need to reach out, a little at a time. To a healer, it is that move that offers to help. It is the impetus that makes us reach out to someone, to heal, to comfort, to listen. But this is not just true for healers. If you see someone in need and you feel driven to do something, then you should offer to help. Now, you may get rejected and told no, but you may also be allowed to do something for someone. And that helps them better what ever they are going through. But it makes you feel better as well. It makes them happy. It makes you happy. And it shows you can step into the light.

It takes courage to offer to help someone, or to do something nice. That is where being brave comes in. If you feel drawn toward doing something strongly enough, then you probably should do it. Otherwise you will probably be beating yourself up over it for some time to come. Be brave. Reach out a hand, and make an offer. See if you can help.

We may be safe in the shadows, in our safe space, in the harbor. But we were meant to sail. Sail on, and while you do, spread that light you have inside you to push back the darkness.