Touchinng Tells What You Are About
by Brian Dean

Here is something that came to me that seems to make a lot of sense... Your touch is your introduction. Your energies are your intent, and define who you are.

Think about it. If you are a massage therapist, energy healer, doctor, or anyone that helps people, then this is very true. How often are people judged on the quality and strength of their handshake?

As a massage therapist, one of the first things I do when I do a massage is to lightly run over the entire back of the body above the sheet. This tells me a lot of things, but also introduces the client to my touch. As an energy worker, the instant I touch someone, the energies are flowing. This initial touch is saying hello. The pressure and feeling produced by it say a lot.

In each case, I am saying hello. I am introducing myself to the client in a more direct way than shaking their hand when they walk in the door. No matter how many words we use, a simple touch speaks volumes. It says if you are friendly and caring, or nondescript and careless. A person has a feel in that very first moment as to whether they made the right decision in coming to you.

After that first touch, it is the energies that pass between you that further tell what you are about. It shows your intent, what you really want out of this. A client can tell if you‘re bored, or caring, or if you are even ‘there’. (I have heard people complain about other healers telling me it was like they weren’t even in the room. Their touch and energies made it feel like they didn’t care.)

Along with intent, your energies show what you are about. They tell if you are thinking about healing, or about things that produce positive emotions like love, or negative emotions like anger. Everything you feel passes through that touch to the client. If your mind is on sex, that will pass through and the client will become uncomfortable. If your mind is on love, they will feel wonderful and safe in your care. This is why it is important to clear one’s mind before doing healing work.

For those that may not be ‘healers’, but do things that help people, the same is still true, just not on as deep a level. It never fails to amaze me how a simple touch can calm someone when they are upset, or energize them when they are tired or feeling low. We are a touch starved society. A caring touch can do more to heal someone than all the medicines in the world.

So think about it. What do you want to say when you touch someone? How do you want to present yourself?