The Realm of Spirit

This song describes the life and work of a Lightworker. A lightworker is a healer who works on the levels of energy, usually partnering with the spirt realm to help others. This can be in the form of healing, teaching, helping promote growth of spirit, and generally empowering others. This shows the work through this life, and the contuation on the other side. While this was started in a dream, it truly came together after the passing of a friend and teacher. I suspect spirit wanted this out there. To my friend, Imelda, I dedicate it to her. See the words below the video.


The Realm of Spirit
(Based on The Sound of Silence by Paul Simon)
Words by Brian Dean
(Copyright 2017, Brian Dean)

Hello Spirit, my old friend,
I've come to walk with you again.
There are great numbers that need healing,
With the energies that I am feeling.
With intention that starts down in my core
And adding more
All from the realm of spirit.

Our energies spread far and wide,
From cityscape to countryside.
Spreading healing light everywhere,
Helping to remove all the fear.
And replacing that with
pure unfiltered love,
All from above.
All from the realm of spirit.

One on this side, more on that,
We come together for a chat.
Lighting many candles as we go,
Which sends healing light to and fro.
With each person we touch the
light grows even more.
And more and more.
All from the realm of spirit.

With our hands and minds we'll strive,
To keep the dreams of hope alive.
With every person that receives our touch,
The hope and love will increase much.
And everyone will open like a flower,
In every hour.
Crossing the realm of spirit.

Hello human, my new friend,
I've come to help you to the end.
Not long ago I was just like you,
But now I have ascended through
And the light we spread will
go out through the lands,
From cosmic hands,
And echo in the realm of spirit.