Massage Styles

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Integrative Massage ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Calming, Decision Free

For those that can not decide what style is best for them, let Caring Palms choose a combination of styles that we think will be to your liking. Caring Palms will talk with you, and then take movements from many of the styles and integrate them into a pleasant and therapeutic session. Learn More...


Swedish Massage ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Calming, Healthful

A Swedish massage is a nice relaxing experience where long strokes, kneading and some percussion are used to allow the client to relax and release tension while they are being worked on. Although the primary goal of this type of massage is relaxation, deep tissue work can be performed to alleviate specific problems such as pulled muscles or sore backs, as well as other problems the client might have. A Swedish massage is good for helping someone return to health from an injury or other problem. It is also used to help someone maintain good health because of the effects massage has on the body systems.

Basically, it makes you feel good. Learn More...

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Relaxing and Invigorating, Loosening

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is best known for the fact that the forearms are used reducing the use of the hands to do the work. There are two styles of Lomi Lomi, and they each do different things.

Polo Lei (Better known as Aunty Margaret's style)

Lomi Lomi is similar to Swedish in that it uses long, broad strokes for finding the areas that need to be treated. After identifying those areas, treatment is done using static compression. Unlike other modalities of massage, the static compression eases into the muscles, and then holds that position long enough for the muscle being treated to stretch and release the problems in it. Lomi Lomi can quickly and effectively make changes in the body allowing it to feel better.

Lomi Lomi can go lightly, or very deeply into the muscles, in many cases eliminating the need for deep tissue massage. If one works with their body, or is doing regular exercise, this is the best thing to help those tight muscles. Most people feel energized when they get up from a session. Lomi Lomi is the old "new" marvel of the massage world.

Lomi Lomi Nui (better known as Temple Lomi Lomi)

Temple Lomi Lomi attempts to encompass all parts of the body as one big canvas instead of compartmentalizing it as is done in most types of massage. To accomplish this, minimal, draping is used (within the client’s comfort level) giving the therapist access to the back and legs and arms. Basically, the back, legs, and arms are undraped at once and the whole body oiled. The movements allow the therapist to make sweeps from the shoulder to the ankle and back, and then repeat the move on the other side. The fluidity of the motions, and the constant moving from side to side give a relaxing feel of oneness and wholeness. It allows the mind to release the body and 'ride the waves', basically letting it enjoy the sensations that are happening to it. The movements can be slow or fast, and a combination of speeds is used with the purpose of getting the mind to release the body.

On the front of the body, the arms, legs, shoulders, neck and abdomen are worked as in regular styles of massage, but they are connected by smooth, flowing strokes. Temple Lomi can also utilize a lot of underbody work. This is where the therapist will still do movements on the back even though it is against the table. The feeling is wonderful. A Temple Lomi Lomi session is a very relaxing, enjoyable session.

The video below is Temple Lomi Lomi which uses minimal draping. Auntie Margaret's Lomi uses standard draping. Learn More...

Freeform Massage ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Relaxing, Calming

Esalen-inspired freeform massage offers relaxation in the extreme using long, slow strokes with varying pressure and continuous movement with pauses to allow the body to assimilate what has just happened. It also incorporates stretches that allow the muscles to be worked deeply. There is no routine. It is all completely intuitive. There are moves, and those moves could be ones used in other styles, but they are put together based on what feels right at the time. The idea is to treat the client like a whole being rather than a series of parts. The flow of the movements makes all the parts feel integrated into the whole that it is. At the heart of the session is a sense of empowering each individual to regain a sense of harmony, reverence, and balance, and to awaken inner resources for healing. While the video below shows this done with minimal draping, versions of it can be performed with standard draping, and is up to the client and the therapist to decide what is best.Learn More...

Myofascial Release ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Realigning, Healthful

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a way of gently restructuring the body so that it returns to proper alignment (most people have alignment issues). When problems occur in the body, connective tissue (fascia) can become hard and constricted. MFR returns the connective tissue to its normal, rubbery, stretchy state allowing a person to stand straighter and regain movement that may have been lost.

In an MFR session, the therapist will look to see what is wrong with the client (alignment wise). The therapist could find that one shoulder is higher then the other or the hips are out of alignment, or the head is always cocked to one side, or a host of other issues. (Many problems with a person can be traced back to alignment issues. Once they are cleared up, many problems go away.) After that has been done, and a plan has been developed, the therapist will begin MFR work. MFR is done by a series of holds lasting three to five minutes each. It takes that long for the connective tissue to begin to stretch and loosen up. After the session is complete, the body will take up to 24 hours to 'process' what has changed in it. After that, one starts to feel the effect of what was done.

MFR has been used on many problems including back problems, migraines, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Learn More...

Myofascial Unwinding ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Stress Reducing, Releasing

Every memory of everything we have done in our lives is stored as energy in every cell of our bodies. This energy can cause us problems unless it is released because it is linked to all of our experiences, the good as well as the bad. Memories such as sexual abuse, auto accidents, or any other memory based energy can affect us in how we act or react to things. Unwinding is a way of releasing this energy. It involves allowing your body to go in the positions where it wants to go while a therapist watches over you, keeps you safe, and helps you through the process. Your body knows what it needs to release. The issue is allowing it to get where it needs to be to release it. Sometimes these positions are very much like the positions that you were put through in the actual experience that your body is trying to release. (Remember, you are not the one deciding what to release. You are simply following your body and allowing it to do what it needs to do.) Many people who have been through auto accidents tend to hold in that energy, and their bodies are screaming for it to be released. When done, a person usually feels lighter, relieved of tension that may have been caused by bad experiences or other energies. They feel stronger and able to move on. This is the purpose of unwinding. Learn More...

Deep Tissue Massage ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Correcting Problems, Return to Health

Deep Tissue massage is used specifically to correct problems in the body. These problems can be pulled muscles, stiff necks, sore backs, sciatica, etc. Often more complex problems can be treated with massage, and Reiki energy can be added to aid in healing.

When Deep Tissue massage is used, it is usually to move muscles and work out knots at a lower level than normal (sometimes very deeply). These movements involve spreading and extending, and friction to get problems to ease up or go away completely. Usually Deep Tissue is not performed on its own, but as a part of Swedish or some other style of bodywork. The body's muscles need to have an introduction to the massage so that when deep work is used, the muscles react positively to the treatment. One also needs to have the nice feeling of regular massage movements to balance deep work done so that one walks away feeling good. Learn More...


Essential Oil Drop Therapy ($120/hour)

Calming, Envigorating

Inspired by the Raindrop Technique Protocol, the Essential Oil Drop Therapy combines unique, targeted massage and energy approaches with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. As a Young Living independent distributor, and using Young Living essential oils, Caring Palms' Essential Oil Drop Therapy provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony-physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A series of essential oils are dropped onto the spine (one at a time) and lightly massaged in. The movements work up the spine, and then spread the oils over the back, neck and shoulders. These oils are then applied to the feet in the Reflexology points that align with the spine. The spine connects to all parts of the body as all messages to and from the brain are transmitted along this pathway. By working the oils into the spine, they also connect to anywhere in the body.

While it is not your typical massage, it is a very relaxing experience. Learn More...

Trigger Point Therapy ($80/hour, $110/90 Minutes)

Pain Relieving, Caring

A trigger point is a very sore spot located in a tight muscle. Not only is it sore at its location, it also refers (causes) pain in a predictable pattern to other areas. When one has chronic (ongoing) pain that nothing seems to relieve, we will usually suspect trigger points. Remember the story of the princess and the pea? This is where the princess was so fair that she could not sleep if a single pea was placed under her mattress. Well, think of the mattresses as muscle fibers and the pea as the trigger point. Yes, it’s usually that small and yes, it can cause that much discomfort. Once a trigger point has been located, we try different techniques to get rid of it. Whichever methods are used, you will almost always find relief. Trigger Point is usually performed as part of another style. Learn More...

Chair Massage ($1/minute)

For Businesses or Events

Chair massage is a great way to relax, de-stress, and energize if you only have a few minutes. Chair massage can be performed at almost any location: an office, a sporting event, a convention, massage parties, and other places. Generally a Chair Massage takes 5 to 15 minutes where tight muscles are loosened so relaxation can occur. The client walks away energized leaving behind the stress that he/she initially had. Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair where the client can sit and lean forward comfortably. No oils are used as this is done with the client completely dressed. Chair massage is generally performed at events, and we do not have a massage chair set up full time in the studio. But if special needs arise, a chair can be set up.