What is Massage?

Massage is a method of holistic healthcare where the muscles and skin of the body are pushed, pulled, and generally rubbed to promote relaxation and good health. Massage is relaxing and calming. It can alleviate stress that has built up over time. It can also help someone maintain good health by moving the muscles in order to keep them toned.

Massage is also therapeutic. It can help someone with pain or injuries. It can help them return to good health from problems they may have.

Licensed massage therapists are trained for hundreds of hours in anatomy, physiology, healthcare, disease, and several styles of massage. Their goal is to help a client regain a level of health that they may have had before being injured or to help a client maintain their current level of health. They also help clients relax so they can deal with the stress of everyday life.

Massage from a licensed professional is not sexual - Massage is Healthcare.