September 7, 2008

I was in the pet store today where I ran into my 81 year-old client. She told me that she had to have Angel put down.

If you remember, Angel was the 22 year-old cat I worked on for her. She said that after I worked on her, she was much, much better. She was acting younger again. (See posts from March 28, 2008 and March 31, 2008.)

Angel had something on her face that was bothering her. It was into her eye and ear. She was too old to operate on. When it got real bad, and the cat was completely bothered by it, my client determined it was time to let her go. She took her to the vet and had her put down as she did not want to see her suffering.

The neat thing was that the Reiki apparently gave her a last good six months of life, and some of that was probably stored to help her pass over. I wish her luck on her journey.