April 6, 2015

I again saw this lady that I did a lot of energy work on two weeks ago (March 23, 2015). While she was still feeling great, she had let about five cords that were not good for her reconnect.

When I looked at her, she still had chakra issues, and something dark in her. We talked a bit and I told her that I needed to do what I did the last time, but I suspected that it would not be as hard. She elected to undress as she felt that might have been the reason it didn’t stick the last time. She agreed that there did seem to be a psychological advantage to it.

So, again, I worked through all the chakras, and had them working like they should. Then I filled her with white light until the dark thing was forced out. 

This time as we worked through the cord cutting, she could feel the heat of the fire more as it was touching bare skin. When the fire was out, I could see little nubs where the connections had been. I energetically brushed them away. 

I again walked her through shielding, making her speak the properties out loud to solidify them better, to give them voice. 

After that, she got dressed and was feeling wonderful. I asked her how she was, and she said she felt great. She didn’t feel uncomfortable at all during the process because I was completely professional (and I did most of it with my eyes closed). She said she really felt that this would last. I hope to hear form her soon and see how she is doing.