Resonance of Spirit

Recently, I learned that a friend had passed (May 2021). Over the next couple days, I kept seeing images, and hearing phrases. (The same thing happened when Imelda had passed, and the song “Realm of Spirit” was created.) I sat down, opened to spirit, and the following writing was created. But I was also led to create a video. I also knew the song it had to go against, and “borrowed” it from a Youtube channel. After this video was created, it was modified to honor my friend, and posted to his Facebook page. Either read the text, or watch the video.


Resonance of Spirit
by Spirit with Brian Dean
featuring Fields of Gold performed by Eva Cassidy

As spirits, we come into this world to live a life, many lives in fact. The purpose of each is to learn, to become better, to understand all aspects, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the comedy, the tragedy. With each life, there is a goal to fulfill, a task to complete, a presence to be made. We are here to reach out, to make contact with others, to touch lives, and leave resonance. And that vibration we leave impacts others on a small or large scale. Each life is a shooting star, a comet moving through the night sky. This is true no matter how long the life is. And while some lives are long, and others not, they are but a blink of a cosmic eye in the realm of spirit. And although the phrase “it was their time” is used way too often, the truth is that it was their time. It is always their time to take what they have learned and move on.

When a human dies and passes back to the spiritual realm, they take with them all that they learned so they may apply it to help others still on this earthly plane. That knowledge is shared to others so that they may do the same. Spirits become guides, and use their talents to help those needing them.

For those left behind, a hole is left in their existence, a crater, an emptiness that can never be filled. But while we miss those that passed, they are still around, watching over those that they love. Thinking of them brings them closer. They hear when we talk to them. They respond as they can, maybe in a feeling, an emotion, something appearing out of nowhere, or a thought popping into one’s head. But they respond to let us know they are there. It is for us to recognize that, and not think ourselves crazy. We need to feel that vibration, and know they are there.

And that resonance left behind, that still spreads to all that it touched, changing, assimilating into, and enriching each life, each soul, no matter how brief the contact. And for that, we should all be thankful.