September 21, 2012

Rilind was in town today for a visit with his foster Moms (the people that nursed him back to health). They brought him out to the park where they used to bring him when they had just gotten him. And I got some alone time with him to do Reiki.

A few months back, Rilind was adopted into his (as they say it) fur-ever home. He has been doing real well there. In fact, he has been doing so well that his new Mom had to use a four letter word... d-i-e-t.

While at the park, some of his sponsors came by to see him and marvel at how well he is doing. (Sponsors had donated time, money, food to help Rilind return to health.) They were all amazed at how far this dog has come since we all first saw him. (See posts from December 26, 2011, January 1, 2012, and April 1, 2012.)

The foster Moms wanted me to come visit and give him more Reiki, something he gladly accepted. And I gladly accepted his kisses. It was neat to see how far he has come since that day after Christmas last year. This dog is one of the things that makes me truly believe in miracles, because he is one.