Booking and Cancelling Policy for CEU Classes

A security deposit is required to book a space in any class. The class must be paid in full before the date of the class unless other arrangements are made. The deposit amounts and payment cut-off dates vary with each class.

Reiki Classes: $75 deposit, full payment two (2) days before class date

Massage Classes: $150 deposit, full payment seven (7) days before class date

If the student needs to cancel, there are three options. . .

1) The student may change to an already existing class date with no penalty.

2) The student may request a private class provided there are two paying students. (Caring Palms can teach any class to two students at the Caring Palms studio provided the studio schedule will allow it. )

3) If the class is not rescheduled, the student may request a refund of their deposit less a cancellation fee (which varies per class type) provided cancellation notice is received at least seven (7) days (Reiki classes) or sixteen (16) days (Massage classes) before the class date. If the cancellation notice is received after the stated time periods, the deposit is forfeit. If cancellation is made on the day of the class or after, all monies paid are forfeit.

Purchase may be made ("I'd like to pay in full", "Hold my space with a deposit", "I've paid a deposit, now I want to complete my registration") by registering online under the 'Schedule of Classes' section (select the Register Now button),

or by sending a check to the Caring Palms Studio,

or by calling the Caring Palms studio and giving credit card information over the phone.