Class Scheduling

Classes are scheduled depending on type and need.


A Reiki 1 class is usually scheduled monthly, usually on the second Saturday of the month (this may be changing as we will be needing outside space for classes). Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 classes are scheduled about two to three times per year. This makes enough time to for Reiki 1 graduates to practice before taking Reiki 2, and Reiki 2 graduates time to practice before taking Reiki 3.

If the current schedule makes it hard to take these classes, additional classes can be created on any day of the week based on the Caring Palms office schedule, but classes will be limited to two student, and must have two students.

All classes require a minimum of two students to happen, and that number may go higher depending on rental of outside class space. Caring Palms will not teach to one student only.

Massage Classes for CEUs

These classes are scheduled when possible. Caring Palms tries to schedule them twice or more during re-licensing years, and once or more during off years. Look at the schedule to see what is currently available. If the schedule is not convenient, classes can be scheduled at any time at the Caring Palms studio as long as two students are registered and it works with the studio schedule.

Other Classes

All other classes are scheduled on an as needed basis. This means that there is no regular schedule, and they are scheduled only as people are interested in them. Most of them can be taught to as little as one student. Some that deal with doing energy work on others (Sensing Problems, Removing Blocks) are better if the student has someone to work on (other than the instructor). Massage for Couples is for two students (and the price listed is for two students) and will only be taught to one couple at a time.

If you are interested in any of these classes, contact Caring Palms and we will schedule something.