What Happens in a Mediumship Reading

Mediumship is a means of communicating with those that have passed to spirit. This is done through manipulation of energies to match the frequency of spirit. The idea behind the British style is to bring through evidence to prove to the sitter that their loved one is truly there.

The medium, through energy, will request from the spirit world someone wanting to talk to the person they are reading for. Most will request a relative or close friend that the sitter can readily identify. Sometimes these spirits come through, sometimes they do not.

The reader will give evidence based on what they see and hear. This could be a physical description, mannerism, the house they lived in, what they did. Sometimes, even a name can come through, though that is rare. (Sometimes when a medium hears a name, they will give it, but it might not be the right name, or it might be a close approximation. For example, in one reading the medium gave the name John. The applicable word that the sitter would address the spirit was Jodge, which is Polish for grandfather. Since the medium would not know that word, they gave the closest thing they heard. This is where the sitter has to give a little leeway. The medium will not start speaking in a language they do not know.)

This works by the medium seeing things and hearing things (this is known as clairvoyance and clairaudience) or feeling things like aches and pains (clairsentience). Everything the person has experienced in their life is stored as memories in their brain. For the medium, this information is like a series of filing cabinets that spirit can go through, picking out images and such if they pertain to what they are trying to get across. In most cases, it is not the medium sitting there having a conversation with the spirit. It normally is this back and forth exchange of energies that happens.

The job of the medium is to see and try to understand these things without trying to filter them. For instance, if the medium asks for how the spirit passed to become a spirit; and sees an image of the spirit clutching their chest, the medium could assume that they passed through a heart attack, but that might not be right. They could have passed from lung cancer, or being shot in the chest, or any number of other things.

This is where it is hard for the medium to relay accurate information without filtering or making assumptions. This is why doing this work, it is difficult to be 100% accurate on all the details. Well-known psychic medium, John Edward is accurate about 70% of the time (even though what they show on TV are the times that he is very accurate). Knowing this, the information (evidence) the medium is giving can be in error by 30% or more.

Now, once information has been given, and the sitter claims that they recognize the person in spirit, the medium is free to give a message. This message can be simple, or it can be life changing depending on what the sitter is there for. The need for the type of message, or the person to be contacted are key components.

A message could be simply looking ahead at the life of the sitter or looking at what is going on in their life. Keep in mind, spirit does not work in details or absolutes. They prefer to be general and make the sitter see what they need to do most rather than dictate to them. If one asks sprit, “Where should I move to?”, spirit will not answer with “123 South Main Street in Madison Wisconsin”. They know that the sitter has been looking or thinking of certain area to move to. The spirit will usually tell the sitter to look at each place and see what truly calls them. Where does your heart feel calmer?

The sitter can also ask questions of the spirit. They may receive answers that they do not want to hear, but spirit will answer with what the sitter needs to hear.

This is basically what should, and usually does happen in a mediumship reading. There are numerous things that could go differently to change the outcome. Please read the next few pages to understand all the ins and outs of a reading.