Tori Latimer, 11/1/23, Google
Brian is one of the most gifted massage therapists I’ve ever had! Professional, intuitive, with insane endurance and strength to boot( if you need a very deep tissue, which I always do) What impressed me most was how intuitive Brian was with my problem areas and pinpointed my two knots before I could finish my sentence. While we were sitting talking in our consult! He is a master at his craft. I left our session with an immediate and significant decrease in pain, especially in two zones with horribly deep knots. By the next morning, not only were my knots completely gone, I wasn’t sore or tender in e spots at all, which is NOT my usual experience. Will be booking another for my husband and myself ASAP.

Brogan Kestle, 9/29/23, Google
I took Brian’s Reiki 1, 2, and 3 classes plus astral projection and he’s not only professional, but knowledgeable and great at what he does. Brian’s also worked on me some with myofascial massage and my body felt amazing afterwards. Highly recommend seeing Brian if you’re looking to feel great as a person on all levels from your energy to physical health!

Krystin D., 9/10/23, Vagaro
Booking was simple, the environment was very relaxing and comfortable and payment easy. Brian was very thoughtful and understanding. He took time both before and after my reiki session to speak with me, help my overall understanding, and connect with me. He explained exactly how the session would be and made sure I was comfortable throughout.

Emily W., 9/10/23, Vagaro
Very knowledgeable and informative. Massage was very therapeutic and beneficial. I would 100% recommend Brian and will definitely be back.

Angel L., 5/22/23, Vagaro
Brian's knowledge and professionalism with this modality of massage is phenomenal. With his focus ability we were able to make a lot of progress on a very old injury of mine, opening up a huge amount of mobility and releasing many old patterns stored in my fascia. I also greatly appreciate Brian's sense of humor and directness. Highly recommend if you need the benefits of MFR as Brian is the real deal.

Chi Tomboy, 5/13/23, Google
Brian was very knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. He explained the process step by step. I'll definitely be back for another Reiki session.

Maria N., 4/4/23, Vagaro
I feel very fortunate to have Brian use his years of experience to perform Myofascial Therapy Release on me. This Therapy has changed my life with pain, tightness, migraines and alignment in my body. I have been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and this is the only thing that helps me function through out the day (no medication!) Brian is Professional and caring. Thanks Brian.

Sacora McNair, 3/11/23, Google
I had an unspecified energy healing yesterday with Brian. I left feeling like myself again and I woke up today feeling absolutely amazing. I can’t rave about Brian enough! He used a number of healing modalities on me during the session, and at the end he introduced me to MFR, which is something I had never heard about. I highly recommend you trying this out. Thank you Brian! I will be back!

Yomailyn Cruz, 3/7/23, Google
Brian at Caring Palms was amazing! He knew what was wrong with me physically without me having to tell him. When he was doing my chakra cleanse I could feel all the energy from his hands and the negative energy leaving my body. I could also feel the pains release. Thank you Brian! You got me back to feeling like myself. Will be back soon!

Ashley Zeigler, 2/5/23, Google
Caring Palms is such a nice place, very relaxing and peaceful. Brian is great and answers all your questions! He is truly intuitive and knows his stuff, I would definitely recommend!!

Roger Santos, 2/1/23, Google
Excellent experience!

Jane P., 1/24/23, Yelp
Had a Reiki session with Brian today. It was very relaxing and I felt well rested afterwards. Thank you.

Donte Fussell, 1/7/23, Google
I wanted to enter the New Year with a Fresh energetic and spiritual Vibe. So I received a chakra cleanse and a reiki session. Which left me feeling very refreshed, excited and also left with some great spiritual insight on questions that I asked.

Queen Favor, 12/24/22, Google
Mr. Dean was wonderful. This was my first experience and he was very knowledgeable and explained the process for me to have clear insight on what to expect. It was relaxing, educational, and a very enlightening experience. I would definitely recommend you to giving him a opportunity to show you the same.

Brandi Alexandra, 12/12/22, Google
I had an energy healing session with Brian a few months back it was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. I was so impressed with the way he was able to call out everything that was both hurting on my body, and also everything that I struggle with on an emotional level, Then proceeded to make me feel amazing, I'm not sure how he did it but it was incredible! I loved it, and I would recommend him to anyone. I can't wait to go back.

Jenna Liljeberg, 11/19/22, Google
This was my first time at Caring Palms, and my first time experiencing MFR and both have my highest review! I've been searching for a massage therapist or MFR expert to go see while I training for a marathon, and I will definitely be returning to Caring Palms to see Brian. Brian has a lot of experience and amazed me with his knowledge and advice. He made sure I was comfortable throughout the session and put me and my needs first. I highly recommend MFR for its emphasis on realigning your body and focusing on areas of tension. I felt amazing walking out the door and feel confident returning to Brian when my body starts to break down again during marathon training!

Gemini Awakening, 10/5/22, Google
Gratitude is given. For my experience was Informative and fun during training for Reiki I & II. With the classes I know I’m a Reiki Master in the making. Sending peace, love and light to us all on this healing journey.

Cora McNair, 9/26/22, Google
I have taken 2 courses with Brian at Caring Palms (after my first class I scheduled a private session). That’s saying A LOT, because before that I had never let anyone work on me energetically. But there was something about Brian’s quirky vibe that I resonated with. I can’t say enough about how much thought has been put into what is being presented. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Christy Hawes, 9/24/22, Google
Brian is amazing! I have attended his Reiki 1 and 2 courses and they are soo enlightening! His experience and expertise in training on Reiki has got to be the best in the area for sure! He offers a very relaxed atmosphere so you aren’t nervous. I went in knowing nothing at all and now I am on my energy healing journey thanks to him!! Definitely recommend!!!

Amber Elkhalili, 9/13/22, Google
I had my first Myofascial Release session with Brian. He is very professional & was able to relieve a lot of tension. This is not a normal massage but it is exactly what I have been hoping to feel like for years. If a standard massage isn’t making you feel good, give Myofascial Release a try. It’s amazing! I’ll definitely be back to see Brian!!

Samantha S., 7/30/22, Vagaro
Another wonderful session with the master of his craft of healing arts. Brian uses his skills with Myofascial release to bring balance back to the body. I left the session feeling more balance in my posture and a lightness in my energy. Very much appreciated to be out of pain and feeling more ease in my body.

William Watson 4/1/22, Google
They are the best.

Shirley Streeter, 3/16/22, Google
My daughter's session was very calming . It was beneficial for her aniexty problem.

Jen P., 2/13/22, Vagaro
Brian is very diverse, he implemented various techniques from energy work, massage, and pressure points. My body is shifting and reacting positively to the sessions, I'll definitely return.

Tia Kimball, 1/5/22, Google
Brian is definitely a master of massage. I'm happy that I found him, but sad that I didn't find him years ago to have benefited from his massage experience for years. He pinpointed all of my massage needs and problem areas without me saying a word or even touching me. After I'd dressed when the massage was finished, he had a cup of water waiting for me. I was so relaxed during my Reiki session (immediately following my massage) that I fell asleep. I definitely left feeling lighter. There's a reason he has 5 stars.

La Sally, 12/9/21, Google
Brian is such a gifted and amazing healer and teacher. I enjoyed his Reiki class a lot. It was a wonderful class. Thanks so much for the generous help for my soul journey. Love and light always!

Crystal Koenig, 10/27/21, Google
I've had several different sessions with Brian and I feel like a new person after each one. A cord cutting, shielding, several different massage styles, chakra clearing and Reiki. I got a few stones and crystals from his shop too. I always feel very relaxed and heard during the sessions. Brian knows a lot about trauma work and how to help and support the healing process. I am not uncomfortable being massaged and Brian is a natural and intuitive therapist. I recommend his services highly!

Anna Brothers, 9/22/21, Google
Brian is amazing at energy work. I went in with extreme panic and anxiety and walked out feeling relieved and relaxed. I have been to several Reiki professionals and am a level 1 myself, so I have a lot to compare to and Brian was absolutely top notch. I would highly recommend!

Lisa Millan, 9/11/21, Google
Had a great class with Brian today and he makes it fun and he is so knowledgeable.

Oli M., 9/11/21, Google
I took a Reiki class at Caring Palms and I loved it. Brian is very knowledgeable and patient. I am very happy with my experience and I can't wait to take another of his classes.

Chelsea A., 8/5/21, Google
Brian was amazing, super easy to talk to and very knowledgeable! Made my pain I was dealing with for days go away and my body feel a lot better!! I look forward to more time spent with him. Keep shining!

Tom Gable, 7/23/21, Google
Brian was very professional & knowledgeable and the experience was very relaxing and restorative. I would definitely recommend Caring Palms!

Sandra F., 7/8/21, Google
I found Brian online, he is wonderful, he is a true professional. Gifted, and shares his many gifts. I have had Reiki, Myofascial release, Soul retrieval, cut cords, chakra cleansing. All have been true to what they are to accomplish. You do feel energized, released from negativity, more focused and centered after his treatments. His rates are great.

Brian is very thorough, he makes you truly feel welcomed. He gives you the full hour, not like other places who give you 50 minutes when you book an hour. He is polite, caring, wise, and gifted. With his eyes closes he senses ones pains. When I was in session you can truly feel his love for what he does .

Regina Relova, 7/7/21, Google
Brian is amazing! I had a very good first session with him and I have never felt so good after a massage. I had the myofascial release and I felt a lot of tensions released from only one session. Brian is very professional and is highly skilled in what he does. Truly an excellent experience and will definitely come back.

Ryan C., 7/7/21, Vagaro
Caring Palms is THE place to go when you need what you deserve - superior care and attention all aimed at treating you as an individual - not as a number. I've been a long time patient and student of Brian's practice and the reason I keep coming back is simple...there's the rest and then there's the BEST. In my experience, most massage places are lacking in variations of techniques, which makes it impossible for them to properly assess and address an individuals unique situation and/or body/mind needs. It's easy to find a place to get a massage. It's not easy to find a place where the person spends time on YOU and YOUR specific needs. @briandean - Thank you for always putting my body back together and for introducing me to the various therapeutic techniques you offer that most do not. That, in addition to your positive spirit, is the differentiating factor and why I'll always come back.

Sista T., 6/27/21, Google
Brian is amazing! I had a reiki treatment and cannot remember the last time I felt this relaxed and balanced. I highly recommend Brian!

J. Buddecke, 6/23/21, Google
Caring Palms Massage and Reiki is one of my favorite places! Brian is truly skilled at what he does. I have seen him for reiki and massage services. When I see him regularly for reiki I feel more balanced and an overall sense of peace in that I can get through anything life throws at me. I’m able to think more clear headed and make better decisions. When I feel not quite like myself a visit with him resets me. I have also received the best massages from him. I exercise regularly and have a lot of tight muscles and pain points. He is able to realign me and I feel rejuvenated after. I have had several massages over my life and lived in many states and he is the most talented massage therapistI have ever experienced. The office is very clean and a professional environment. I highly recommend Caring Palms and Brian!

Devon Fox, 5/21/21, Google
To date, I've taken two classes with Brian at Caring Palms and both were awesome: Reiki I and Reiki II. I've also had several services like MFR (myofascial release), Reiki, and some other energy work. Brian clearly communicates with clients and has great technique for the massage modalities he performs. He's also very flexible and adapts to client needs quite well. I'm already signed up for my Reiki Master class and I plan to continue my energy work with him. Highly recommend!

Paige Wagner, 5/7/21, Google
We saw the great reviews for Brian and signed up for a massage as we are new to the area. Brian is very professional and communicative. After one session, my husband and I quickly bought a package for each of us. We have been enjoying the benefits of Brian's work the past few months (I particularly like Myofascial Release (MFR). I've been getting massages for 30 years and Brian provides service that rank in the top of the pack. This is the place to go if you want proper body work and not just another ordinary massage.

Kristin King, 4/14/21, Google
I took Reiki 1 with Brian and it was absolutely wonderful. He was patient, kind, so knowledgeable and a joy to learn from. This class and his instruction confirmed I am on the right path and I was thrilled with what I felt was a strong and genuine connection to this work during my time at Caring Palms. I immediately booked my Reiki 2 class there, and can’t wait to attend in May!

Kirstin Horn, 3/25/21, Google
I took Reiki 1 with Brian. It was an amazing class and I have already seen so many benefits in my life from taking this class! The best benefit so far happened when I started with Reiki for my dog. After one session I saw her have a break through in her emotional recovery (she came from a shelter a few years ago). She is so much more relaxed at the dog park and able to trust strange dogs enough to play. Thanks Brian!

Rena Wolf, 3/25/21, Facebook
One of the best, or maybe even THE best massage I've ever had! Lots of options to choose from and he does a wonderful job of finding those spots that really need extra work!

Brittney Wenzel, 2/7/21, Vagaro, Yelp
I attended Brian's reiki class. He was a wonderful instructor that made the class fun and informative. I would recommend him for anything healing that you may need done.

Detrick W. 2/1/21, Vagaro
Everytime I meet with Brian I'm left speakless. This was an experience like no other, and this session in particular I learned so much more about myself. His advice outside of the session was not only helpful, but life changing. Thank you Brian you're truly a gift. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kree C. 1/14/21, Vagaro

Honestly, I have nothing but positivity and good things to spread when communicating my experience with Brian. I participated in a Reiki session with him and, without exaggeration, after the session I felt lighter, brighter and happier. My meditation the morning after (which was today) and the things ingested audibly and visually, were sent to me intentionally and has awaken me in a way that I have not been in MONTHS maybe even years. I've been full with harmonious vibration and mindfulness. I am grateful for the gift of Brian and will be scheduling a myofacial massage with him as he was able to pinpoint my trouble areas almost telepathically. Thank you Brian!

Detrick W, 11/24/20, Vagaro
I was gifted a Reiki massage session for my 41st birthday. I was introduced to Brian who was not only welcoming, but very knowledgeable. My first experience was amazing, enlightening, eye-opening, and most importantly spiritual. Brian is the real deal, with just a quick glance he saw pain points that I had problems with for months. After my session was over I felt free, as if a tremendous weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I advised him that I suffer from anxiety, and he said something so profound that it will never leave me, and for that I thank him. You're truly a gift Brian, I look forward to another session very soon.

Shannon Wetherington, 11/3/20, Square
I felt totally comfortable through out the chakra cleansing and the reiki. I was also given a lot of information about what the services before and I loved that. I will definitely be back!

Leann Tanner, 10/30/20, Yelp
Absolutely the best and most professional massage. I highly recommend this business for anyone searching for improving their mind,body,spirit.

Absolutely the best and most professional massage. I highly recommend this business for anyone searching for improving their mind,body,spirit.

Adrienne S, 10/16/20, Vagaro
Very professional and knowledgeable, makes you feel at ease and explains things thoroughly. Great experience!

Megan Snyder, 10/16/20, Google
I got my first massage with Brian. He did an intuitive-style approach and I was very impressed with how relaxing and amazing it was. My neck hasn’t felt better in months! I absolutely recommend Brian at Caring Palms.

Shannon Vivar, 10/13/20, Facebook
Brian did a great job - both identifying where my muscles and energy were stuck and releasing the tension through massage. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

First massage with Brian and it was a great experience. He knew exactly what was out of alignment and worked those areas out ... leaving me feeling much better than I walked in.

Tayler O.,10/11/20, Vagaro
Comfortable safe space. There are also crystals available for purchase. Brian instructed an amazing Reiki 1 class. It was very informative, interactive and full of new knowledge. He is a wonderful healer and teacher. Highly recommend.

Kristi K, 9/22/20, Square
Wonderful!! Brian was very caring, yet professional!! He is a master at his technique and made sure to go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable! I will return!

Danielle O., 9/19/20, Vagaro
The moment you walk through the doors you feel this is my safe place! Brian is magical, he is patient and kind. His work has forever changed my life. So thankful I found this place!

Vicky DuBeau, 9/17/20, Facebook
Brian did myofascial release on me and reiki. He evaluated me and was able to tell me what my issues were immediately without me disclosing any of my aches and pains. Amazing! It has been a week and a half and after some interesting changes in my body, I am pain free! My hip, leg, foot, shoulders and neck are relived of the pain I have been experiencing! I can also feel the energy flowing freely through my body! Thanks Brian!

Tia T., 8/31/20, Vagaro
Brian is awesome! He is great at reading the body and knowing where to apply pressure where it is needed to get the most out of your massage. Always feel so refreshed afterwards.

Cynthia F., 3/18/20, Vagaro
Brian was excellent, he personalized the massage to my needs, and was very kind and professional. I will definitely be back!

Samantha Schoolfield, 3/13/20, Google
Monique was an incredible therapist. It really feels like she cares about helping her clients and making them feel great! Will definitely book again in the future!

Pamela Cloute, 3/8/20, Google
I have now had both a mfr massage and reiki with Brian. I came to see him after surgery and his assistance in my recovery has been wonderful. I wish I hadn’t waited so long before I went in. He goes out of his way to make sure you are comfortable and also that the service is matching your expectations. I highly recommend Caring Palms.

Stefan Kulski, 3/7/20, Google
Monique was an exquisite massage therapist and her energy work shines through, which made the experience that much more unforgettable. She is in tune with the human body and I left feeling relaxed and aligned for weeks to come. Caring palms, besides having a great name, is a fantastic place. I can’t wait to go back for a reiki session.

Cynthia Lambertson, 1/30/20, Google
I had a wonderful experience with Monique at caring palms. I had a 90 minute massage with her and my body felt like melted butter when I left. She hit all the muscles with the most tension as well as every other muscle that needed to be relaxed in between, she even gave me some pointers and stretches for helping to keep my body more relaxed and less tense when I left. I recommend her if you are looking for a wonderful relaxing massage!

Rose K., 1/25/20, Yelp
I had a massage last night with Monique,  and it was so fabulous that I think I fell asleep several times.  She addressed all of my needs, and I couldn't be more pleased.  I will definitely be returning for more.

Tracey Gratil, 1/21/20, Google
Came back to Caring Palms for a pre-natal massage with Monique. Prices have increased but they still remain more affordable than chain massage companies. The massage was so relaxing and I felt at ease and very comfortable with Monique. I was falling asleep near the end. I have very tight shoulders and lower back and felt very loose at the end of my massage! Loved it! Can’t wait to go back!

Cara P., 1/15/20, Vagaro
Amazing! Clean, welcoming environment and awesome service. Brian is kind, welcoming and really knows what he is doing. You can tell from the moment your session begins that all of his attention is on you, your concerns, and helping you. Brian nicely answers every question & makes sure you are comfortable throughout the session. I was amazed by my experience with reiki and myofascial release and will definitely be going back.

Danielle Evans, 12/25/19, Yahoo
Went to Brian and had a great session. I was nervous since this was the first time doing a reiki message. He knew right away were I hurt with out saying anything. He was very informative and intuitive. I will go back.

Jodi Nelson, 12/23/19, Google
In from out of town. This was a great way to start my vacation. Brian provides a relaxing and enjoyable massage, after listening to what I wanted out of it. You definitely get your money’s worth! A full 60 minute massage, not a 10 minute talk and then a 50 minute massage. I would highly recommend Brian!

12/22/19, Facebook
In from out of town and had a wonderful massage by Brian. He provided a deep tissue massage that was relaxing and enjoyable. I will definitely return to him when we are back in town. I highly recommend Brian and Caring Palms.

Danielle E., 12/22/19, Vagaro
The place as a clean and calming vibe. Brian Dean was Patient and kind. Full of knowledge and surprised me with what he knew.

Tia Thibault, 12/20/19, Google
Real great experience! Received a freeform massage and was extremely pleased with the entire experience. Super relaxing and my body feels so relieved.

Bob S., 12/19/19, Vagaro
Wonderful, quiet, peaceful! Brian is exceptional. Knows how to take care with an old brittle body and have wonderful results. Sorry to have to take a break over the holidays!

Sabrina Colescott, 11/24/19, Googlle
Long overdue review, I went here a little over a year ago and had a Chakra alignment done with Brian. He went above and beyond to help me get to where I needed to be during a troubling time. I still feel and hold onto the Reiki practice he performed and informed me about. It truly changed my life and I am forever grateful. I've suggested to all my friends in Jacksonville.

Anna P., 11/1/19, Vagaro
I love the atmosphere. It's very relaxing and peaceful. The space is warm and inviting. The staff is wonderful and it's conveniently located. I booked a reading with Brian and it was very informative. It was all really things I already knew, but haven't acted on. I guess I needed a prompting from spirit will definitely be back. Thank you Brian!

Randi Brasfield, 10/23/19, Google
I took the level one Reiki class here and I would highly recommend. If there's a better place to study in town, I certainly haven't found it. It was a comfortable learning environment and I trusted Brian as an instructor. I very much look forward to taking level 2.

Giselle L., 10/12/19, Vagaro
I found Caring Palms on Google and it’s a really convenient location close to the beach. I had Reiki classes, workplaces and a excellent massage. The place is warm and the team is super nice. I highly recommend the place and the Master Brian. Thanks for the patience and attention. All the best.

Amber K, 10/12/19, Vagaro
Cheryl is amazing and nice .

Aubrey T. 9/30/19, Vagaro
My boyfriend and I came in to see Brian for chakra balancing. It was a wonderful experience. Brian is great!

Tracey Gratil, 9/12/19, Google
Went back to Caring Palms for another massage. Brian is very knowledgeable and professional. Within minutes he did a scan of my body 3 ft away from me with his eyes closed and was able to tell me what issues I was having. He takes his time to discuss what you want from your session. I got a freeform massage which I've never done before but I'm always open to new things, it felt great! I will be back for MFR. As a previous Massage Envy member, I love that Caring Palms does not require a membership fee and there are plenty of options to choose from. Also the massage time was 60 minutes, it does not account for the time he spends chatting with you beforehand. Support local business!

Janet S., 9/12/19, Vagaro
I saw both Brian and Cheryl. I did MFR with Brian. He was very knowledgeable, caring, and professional. I felt great after that. Then I saw Cheryl for reiki. After all that I felt like a whole new person and completely relaxed. Will definitely visit again.

Giselle Lele, 8/17/19, Facebook
Sharing the light in the world. I m glad that Brian and his searching for knowledge and share the goodness. Highly recommended for anyone that looking for spiritual growth and healing.

Rebecca Mendez, 7/27/19, Google
I had my first massage there yesterday! Thank you Brian for making it an awesome experience! I'll definitely use you again!

Kristin L., 7/23/19, Vagaro
Cheryl is amazing! Her energy is so calming. I had stopped getting massage because I couldn’t find the right place. After my first appointment with Cheryl, I knew I had found the perfect massage therapist. Now I go once a month and the benefits are priceless.

Molly Crawford, 6/30/19, Vagaro
Would definitely recommend any services at this location. I will absolutely be returning. Brian is amazing. He took time to talk to me prior to the session to determine what my need may be for services. He did not rush through the treatment. He’s just genuinely a nice person.

Florence O'Connell, 6/29/19, Facebook
Brian did myofascial release on me and reiki. He is very kind and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to tell within minutes of meeting me what my musculoskeletal issues were without my even having to tell him. He really went above and beyond and I feel so much better after my session. Highly recommend.

Palmer Wilsie, 6/18/19, Facebook
Had a great Reiki experience and MFR session with Brian.

Kristin L., 6/11/19, Vagaro
Cheryl is amazing! Highly recommend.

Tara R., 5/18/19, Vagaro
What a wonderful tucked away gem of a business. Very comfortable from the moment I walked in I felt the relaxed atmosphere. Brian you are amazing! I feel at ease knowing that I am, literally, in good hands. I feel amazing today and I look forward to my next visit.

Ann P., 5/9/19, Vagaro
I had a reiki session with Cheryl. She made me feel so relaxed and it was a great experience! I left feeling like a new person!

Kristine Moore, 4/11/19, Google
Cheryl is an amazing massage therapist! I have a bulging disk and after getting a deep tissue massage I was able to go to my chiropractor and and get adjusted. There is a confidence in what she does with a very caring aspect to what your pain level is well you are on her table. Some massage therapist just do the job, I felt that she really cared about getting me on track to a better me.

Tracey G., 4/9/19, Yelp
Had a great integrative massage with Monique. Very relaxing environment and Monique is very attentive to your physical needs. I felt very comfortable with her and the price was reasonable as well. She put some essential oils on the head piece to keep my nasal passages open while I was prone, it was pleasant.

I was very relaxed and felt great afterwards. I look forward to trying out the myofascial release and reiki!

Kat Stvrtecky, 4/8/19, Google
My first visit was scheduled based on plenty of online reviews and I had nothing short of a phenomenal first experience at Caring Palms Massage & Reiki. I didn’t have any specific injuries or ailments, aside from workout related soreness and every day life high stress, but feel like a whole new being after my first session with owner Brian. His thorough, nearly entirely energy based assessment (nothing hands on) before my first treatment was more than on point and he customized the session based on my wishes and what my body & soul needed. I’d asked for Reiki to be incorporated into my time with him, and got all I could have asked for. Brian clearly has been doing this for many years and is extremely intuitive. He did an amazing job of making me feel very comfortable while still addressing any muscles in my body that needed help. I left with a lot of energy and a feeling of inner “peace” that I haven’t had in a while. My workout the eve of the treatment was a lot more fluent and powerful (I kickbox), my mood a lot lighter. I also want to point out that the paid for time for treatment didn’t start a second before the assessment was completed. So yes, you will get every minute of your money’s worth and then some. Everyone I encountered at Caring Palms was genuinely caring and I’m very much looking forward to my next session! Disclaimer: this is NOT your “common” membership traditional massage place! If you’re just looking for a “rub-down” to temporarily ease sore muscles the western-medicine-type-of-way, and are not open to and interested in healing your body (and/or mind) on a deeper level, looking at cause & effect type of lasting treatment, don’t bother!

I had the most amazing experience at Caring Palms Massage & Reiki! If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to healing & relief of aches and pains - body & mind, this is definitely the place! First treatment and I walked out a whole new human being.

Jenni Stone, 4/3/19, Google
I love Caring Palms. The reiki session I had was truly inspirational, as were the workshops I attended. The staff is excellent...and caring :)

Gina D., 3/31/19, Vagaro
Great company and excellent services. I had my first Reiki session ever with Brian and he was phenomenal. I am still experiencing the benefits a few weeks after my session. He was patient and answered my questions in detail. He explained everything and he immediately knew my problem areas without me saying a word. Post session, I feel great, more balanced and aligned.

Hemma Haridin, 3/25/19, Vagaro
My session was just divine. I had the Myofasical Release (MFR) and it was exactly what my body needed. Brian was an extremely intuitive therapist and he addressed all the pain points and could feel the energy flow through my entire body. I walked out feeling like I was floating on a cloud.

Tara R., 3/20/19, Vagaro
Cute place with a warm and inviting environment. Was able to feel relaxed. What a wonderful experience! This is how every massage should be. Brian took time to evaluate what was really going on with my body and what would be needed to realign it. Thank you.

Megan L., 3/15/19, Vagaro
Monique was amazing! If I could I would have stayed all day!

Elizabeth M., 2/25/19, Vagaro
Monique was fabulous! I came in with a lot tension in my shoulders/traps and the 90-minute massage helped relieve that tension buildup. I will definitely come back. Thank you, Monique!

Sarah M., 2/21/19, Yelp
I have being feeling so supremely good after my reiki sessions with Brian Dean that it is hard to remember what my life was like before them! My energy has shifted so much that people have actually commented on my "positive energy."

Caring Palms is such a gem and I'm so glad I found it. They even offer classes/workshops on ascension theory and past life regression, so there is a real community here- to get healed and learn more about healing.

I have been dealing with chronic pain in my hip for which myofascial release massage and reiki have worked wonders. Though, honestly I'm just relieved and inspired by how much my anxiety has quelled with reiki sessions. My mind no longer feels scattered and ungrounded. I always leave feeling warm, Whole, and grounded, and able to tackle any obstacle I may face.

I cannot recommend them enough!!

Also it's very easy to book appointments online, which I love!

John M., 2/16/19, Vagaro
After considering the many options for massage therapy we opted for Caring Palms. The 90 minutes with Monique started with issue specific massage and finished with my first Reiki Massage. The results exceeded my expectations, and I have found my preferred healer.

Amelia Curtis, 2/12/19, Google
I tried reiki for the first time here. Very professional, intuitive, and calming. When he told me to take hold of the energy ball, at first I questioned, however once I put my hands on it, I could genuinely feel it. Definately an experience worth going to try! Also found some very cute earrings there.

Allissa B., 2/11/19, Vagaro
Monique was wonderful! I was my first time ever receiving a Reiki Session and I'd have to say it was everything to be expected and more. She was comforting, calm, and gave me such feedback that I will forever cherish. Looking forward to many more sessions to come in the future.

Crystal Jaquest, 2/11/19, Facebook
I went for a reiki session and had amazing results even better the next day will definitely be going back

Joan S. 1/28/19, Vagaro
Monique did an amazing job briefing me on the history of her passion and the basics of reiki. Before she started she made sure I was as comfortable as possible! During the process I felt chills and enexplained energies flowing through my body! It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. She even knew things about me that I never told her. She insured that my experience was a total balance of mind, body and soul. Afterwards, I had so much energy and a positive outlook on things, I was amazed! Keep doing what you are doing thank you!!!

Ashliegh Bolen, 1/27/19, Google
I had my first myofascial massage by Brian and it was amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very relaxing. When it was done there was a noticeable difference in my posture and in the curvature in my back was significantly less (that was the goal). I am going to be coming back on the next week to continue the healing. He also incorporated working on my neck because that is what I had originally came in for. My neck feels fantastic and it's been 5 days. I can't recommend this place enough!

Alisa Dolley Chappell, 1/26/19, Facebook
Yesterday I had the best massage ever!! Brian was very thorough and very knowledgeable. Definitely going back!!

Oriana Perez, 1/25/19, Facebook
I had a wonderful experience at caring palms. I had a very relaxing Reiki session. Would recommend it! Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly place. They also offer many interesting workshops during the month. Can’t wait to go back!

Oriana H., 1/26/19, Vagaro
Wonderful experience. Place is immaculate. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to going back. I had a reiki session which was my first time and will do it again. They offer meditation sessions which will be very beneficial for me due to my levels of stress. Looking forward to going back soon! Brian you were great. Thank you for working on me. Can’t wait for my next session. Looking forward to the next session.

Jacquelyn Tiffany Smith, 1/22/19, Google
It was a great experience. He was very knowledgeable about all of his services. Definitely looking forward to going back.

Carah S., 1/12/19, Vagaro
I wish I could give this place higher than five stars! I am so happy my first Reiki experience was at the lovely Caring Palms. The atmosphere of the place is filled with positive energy and welcoming love. I am excited for more Reiki sessions in the future, maybe a massage too! Monique went above and beyond to provide the best Reiki session. She knows what she's doing and is most definitely a healer. Monique made sure I was comfortable and made me a lover of Reiki! Can't wait to come back.

Amy Carson, 1/7/19, Google, Yelp
I had a massage and a Reiki session with Monique and it was amazing.  I was very comfortable and being a therapist myself I was impressed with how relaxed I was during and after. Monique made me feel like we've known each other for years.

Rachel Bourne, 12/31/18, Facebook
Great location, very welcoming and personal environment. I did energy work with Brian and left feeling like a new person. He also offered great recommendations and resources. I will definitely be back again very soon and would recommend this place to others!!!

Jennifer C., 12/31/18, Vagaro
I highly recommend Caring Palms. I've had terrific results from 2 sessions. I highly recommend seeing Monique if you're struggling with chronic soreness from stress, tension or injury. I've had excellent results from just 2 sessions.

Sharon-Mae D., 12/30/18, Vagaro
My family and I visited on December 29th. The facility is clean and well kept. Even in the waiting area the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. We plan on going back soon and highly recommend it. Thank you Brian!!!!! I am very happy with my session!!

Nikkole W., 12/6/18, 12/7/18, Vagaro
I was eating at the restaurant next door while visiting Jax Beach. I noticed Caring Palms next door. It called to me but it didn't go over there. I ended up walking by there again the next day so I went in. Both Brian and Cheryl were very welcoming, informative and accommodating. I immediately felt comfortable and could feel the energy they both had. Brian was very intuitive. He had never met me but knew exactly where my problem areas were.

VISIT #2: I wanted to get a massage and after the Reiki session I had with Brian Dean, two days prior, I knew this was the place to go. I had never had MFR done before and quickly realized it was not like a normal muscle massage. Brian explained everything in a clear and simple way. He answered my questions and was very professional during the entire session. His integrated approach to MFR using energy reading, massage techniques and his knowledge about the musculoskeletal system worked wonderfully to alleviate my aches and pains. My trip home was much more enjoyable due, in part, to the successful session.

Theo V., 11/22/18, Vagaro
I came across information on importance of balancing chakras and the power of Reiki for healing. Still somewhat skeptical I decided to give it a shot. I found Caring Palms online and booked an appointment. Upon entering the facility I knew that this place could be special. There is immediate sense of calm and restoration when you arrive. I knew I had come to the right place. Brian was a great combination of educator and healer. Brian started off with assessing my current physical and energy states then explained what the treatment would entail. He spent a lot of time answering my questions then got to work. During the session I could feel my body responding to Brian. Immediately after my session, I felt much more relaxed, balanced, and focused. As someone who struggles with overactive mind, general tension this was a huge relief. I can't wait to go back!

Sa Rah, 11/4/18, Facebook
Had a great energy session with Brian on one occasion that left me feeling like a million bucks , and then another session of the free flow massage that was very holistic and therapeutic. Very healing and safe atmosphere with caring genuine people.

Deidre Shellenberger, 10/31/18, Facebook
I did the Myofascial Release with Brian. It was fantastic. Brian is very thoughtful in his methodology. I felt 100% better after my therapy. I would highly recommend Caring Palms Massage and Reiki. Thank you so much, Brian!

Uyen T., 10/31/18, Vagaro
Brian is a caring person with a healing touch, and gives a wonderful Lomi Lomi massage.

Lisa Paulger, 10/29/18, Facebook
They have a professional atmosphere and wonderful staff. My reiki was with Brian and went well and I feel more balanced.

Uyen T, 10/23/18, Vagaro, Google
Very laid back and peaceful environment here. I’m impressed with their extensive list of services, and can hardly wait to go back for more services. Just had a wonderful massage and reiki session with Cheryl. She is a sweet & caring soul, and knew exactly where I needed extra attention with her strong and healing hands. I can’t wait to go back for more services.

Alexa Mitchell, 10/22/18, Vagaro
Very calm and comfortable rooms. Loved the warming pad on the massage table and overall atmosphere of the space.

Katie Hay, 10/18/18, Vagaro
I had a massage & Reiki session yesterday with Cheryl. She was very nice & did a great job. I would definitely go back again.

Pablo B, 10/17/18, Vagaro
I arrived to Caring Palms Tue 16th in the morning, Brian I asked can you help me with something pinched in my neck. Sure enough Brian worked the correct area enough, that I managed a 6hr stretch sleeping that evening. Yeah Brian! ...... Brian, Thanks a million for your help. May need another session Friday.

Elizabeth L., 10/13/18, Vagaro
Monique was incredible. Really effective and she has some unique techniques.

Lisa Boice, 10/12/18, Google
Brian and his team are the best in Reiki and many different massage methods. I had a tumor in my foot and after one Reiki treatment, it disappeared, saving me from what the Doctor called a brutal surgery.

Mark Graville, 10/7/18, Vagaro
(Review for Monique) Massage was excellent - worked problem areas thoroughly, while still keeping the massage relaxing and stress relieving.

Aurtuos Queen, 10/6/18, Google
I am one who has to have proof of everything. Caring Palms has the proof! A Wonderful Loving Spiritual Journey is waiting for you. Go ahead you deserve it.

Ethan Knight, 10/6/18, Vagaro
Excellent overall experience. My girlfriend and I have tried other massage places, and were very surprised by how different this one was. They really know what they are doing, and you can tell they have had years of experience and tricks you won’t find any where else. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and will be back to try some of their other services. I highly suggest to anyone looking for an effective massage, great customer service, and an overall memorable experience. Good pressure, unique moves, and great experience. Thanks !

Julie Colgan, 10/3/18, Google
Cheryl is amazing. One of the most advanced therapists I have found in this town. She has the ability to instinctively find what your individual body needs and I leave feeling more relaxed and renewed physically, emotionally, and energetically. She truly is exceptional.

Carrie H., 9/13/18, Vagaro
Wonderful experience way above and beyond what you would normally receive. Brian is authentic and passionate about his work and truly a healer. Gave using 3 different types of massage and energy work to help me with pain. Amazing experience.

Risa Israel, 9/26/18, Google
Just had my first Reiki session with Brian, and it was incredible. I immediately felt the warm, healing energy enter my body, and my mind went unbidden to peaceful places. I wish I could have Reiki every day. The studio is beautiful and relaxing, and Brian was most helpful and compassionate. I definitely recommend Caring Palms for your Reiki and Massage needs.

Olga, Tsukanova, 9/22/18, Facebook
I am happy I found this group of like minded people. Every event is a new discovery for me, new discovery of myself. The most unbelievable and amazing was mediumship session with Brian. He asked me not to give him any hints about a spirit that arrived for contact with me. I tried to keep silence and not to show any emotions when he began discribing my very close relative who past away several years ago, even when he said his name (!). But when Brian was telling about his skills, his habits, his manners, I just cried. No one could know that person as well except his closest relatives and friends! All my skepticism went away and I listened for the spirit's advice. I made many changes in my life since then following his advice... Unbelievable experience! I am sure, it would be very wise for everyone at least once to interact with spirits, to hear their leads with Brian's mediumship. I cannot wait to join more classes and events! What a wonderful blessed place! Just coming there makes me feel calm and happy. Thank you Brian!

Persia Samovar, 9/15/18, Google
I tried Caring Palms today for the first time. This isn't a franchise where all employees must abide by a uniform standard to provide a uniform product location to location, so really this is a review of the practitioner who treated me - Brian. I didn't go in for pampering or relaxation so I am not making claims about that but for health benefits. I had booked a freeform massage with reiki but after getting evaluated by Brian it sounded like the myofascial massage was in order. Just a few days ago I got a thermography scan from a chiropractor showing the irritation/inflammation areas along my spine. Before I gave any information about myself Brian did a reading of me standing 6 feet away, eyes closed, then told me all the areas identified in the thermography report - skilled energy worker. We did reiki first per my request - went great. The myofascial release, which I hadn't had before, is definitely not about "make me forget about my bills", "calgon take me away", indulging the senses; it is about restoring the body from dysfunction and it did that. Brian was very responsive to any requests like alter the pressure or pause or pillow, etc. I highly recommend Caring Palms if you want access to body work practitioners who have breadth and depth outside of the massage licensing requirements.

Shauna Forrester, 9/8/18, Facebook
I had my first class today Reiki 1 with instructor Brian Dean. It was such a well put together class and it was also great connecting with like-minded people. Brian was a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. I am looking forward to my next class!

Shirley H., 9/3/18, Yelp
Cheryl has this uncanny ability to find exactly where to work to relieve pain and tightness.  Though she may not look like a body-builder, don't be deceived into thinking that a therapist has to have 6 pack abs to release recalcitrant muscles.  It's not about brute strength, but skill, intuition, healing ability, and technique - which Cheryl's got in spades!  Without exception, I leave stoned with wonderful relief.  No wonder that I've chosen to receive her work for 20 years!

April DeChant Elbo, 8/29/18, Facebook
Cheryl's Integrative Massage was wonderful! I was feeling imbalanced with tension and stress before and after I came out feeling even again. Thanks Cheryl!

Talia Wynters, 8/26/18
Wonderful place. I attended the Reiki 1, 2 and 3 classes. Brian is a very gifted and compassionate teacher. The atmosphere is lovely. I enjoyed Brian's common sense approached to reiki using the Kiss rule. I am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned. I would recommend Caring Palms and the classes to anyone interested. Namaste. ^5 ...May you live long and prosper Brian. \\// (Google)

I just finished my Reiki 3 class and have to say that Brian is an amazing teacher. The class was well run, information well presented and the materials given well put together. I would recommend his classes. It was a 3 hour commute one way to attend and well worth it. Prices are reasonable... great place... great teacher. (Facebook)

Rick Heiser, 8/26/18, Facebook
The absolute best thing I've done since moving to the area. I got my massage yesterday and was so relaxed that I didn't even pick up my phone to write a review until now. Monique is a master at her craft. Thank you.

Ken Folette, 8/25/18, Google
Brian did a great job! He listened to my issues and recommended doing another type of therapy that would be more helpful then what I schedualed. Took his time and did an excellent job! Will be back and highly recommend.

Nick Holterman, 7/29/18, Google
Amazing professional massage.

Lisa Oliver, 7/23/18, Google
Just had an AMAZING massage with Cheryl! I work a lot and stress and travel get me tense. Cheryl knew just what I needed and I cannot tell you the last time I felt such calmness and relaxation after a massage than I do now. Strongly recommend Cheryl!

Michael Hankin, 7/19/18, Facebook, Google
Had my first swedish massage by Monique today and I couldn't stop smiling after I left. The vibe in there was very relaxing and Monique was incredible and intuitive. I'll be seeing her again for sure! (Facebook)

Monique was super nice and warm! I had high expectations after reading reviews about her and she surpassed them all. My swedish massage was wonderful, relaxing, and I feel like a new man. (Google)

Emily Irvin, 7/14/18, Facebook
I took Reiki I yesterday and absolutely loved the whole experience. Brian is a wonderful teacher. I’m beyond excited to take more classes here with him!

Laura Bogan, 7/12/18, Facebook
I can't say enough positive things about Brian and his amazingly positive, professional, and welcoming staff members. They are talented, passionate, caring, and stay up to date on the latest techniques in the industry. They provide a very welcoming environment that feels safe, relaxing, and healing. If you are looking for the type of services they offer (from massage to reiki and more), I highly recommend this be your first choice.

Barbara Bottomly, 7/12/18 Facebook
Great People
Great Energy
Great Place!!!!

A "Must Do"

Great for the body, mind heart and soul!

Especially for those lost on their path in life's journey

I give it 10 stars!
(5 is no justice)

Thanks for helping me through my journey

Maja Morgenthaler, 7/11/18, Google
I have chosen Caring Palms because of all the positive reviews. I have been looking for a therapist team that can more than just massage and just found the right spot. Brian has a great way to scan your body and to find the right therapy to loosen aching muscles. Thank you for all the support.

Camille F, 6/30/18, Vagaro
As soon as you walk in, you know you're in the right place. They are professional and caring and amazing at what they do. I knew I would be better when I left there, but Monique far exceeded any expectation I had. I went to see Monique for a massage and a reiki session. The massage was incredible. She was so intuitive and seemed to know exactly what I needed most. And the Reiki session: wow, words can not explain. It was life changing. Go. Go now.

Cristina Gonzalez, 6/30/18, Google
I went in based on Google reviews and now I am leaving one! Monique is a great massage therapist and is a master of reiki! She was able to identify immediately what my needs were and I feel like I can trust her with my next session in a month! I left feeling relaxed and visibly calm to others. Thank you Monique!!!

Alexis Broussard, 6/29/18, Google
I had my first Reiki session with Monique today, the office was inviting and she was informative and made me feel at ease. The experience was amazing, I left feeling refreshed and I cannot wait to go back! I highly recommend.

Trevor Summers, 6/26/18, Google
Absolutely wonderful. Had my first reiki session ever with Monique. Highly knowledgeable of the art and welcoming atmosphere. I already have started recommending her to my friends. Can’t wait to explore the other options Caring Palms has to offer.

Pablo Bassabe, 6/26/18, Facebook
Very nice and soothing.

Jennifer De Rycker, 6/25/18, Facebook
I absolutely loved my session with Brian Dean. He took the time to talk to me and get to know me a bit first. He balanced and aligned my Chakras and gave me great visualization exercises before even doing Reiki! I will be returning many more times in the future. I highly recommend Caring Palms and Brian!

Savannah H., 6/23/18, Google
I went in for my first reiki session today with Moniq. I felt very comfortable and like I was in a safe place for healing. She listened to my concerns and questions. After I felt relaxed and refreshed and balanced. Would absolutely recommend to anyone!

Robert Magno, 6/23/18, Google, Yelp
Excellent caring staff especially Ms Cheryl. Always attentive to my needs with suggestions to improve my health.

Martha Wilmering, 5/25/18, Vagaro
Venue: Calming, pleasant, spacious, soothing, gracious. I have used Brian for many, many years. He's the best. Always updating his knowledge and techniques. Very intuitive as to what my muscles need (knead??!!). I suffer when I have to drive or sit for very long, due to muscle tension in my right leg from too many years of long-distance driving. I went to him last month before an 8 hr. road trip, and after his MFR massage, not only did I not suffer on the trip, I haven't had any issues since! Amazing! This month, I went for my back, and for a tune-up on the leg issue (although it still was not painful...never hurts to keep it in good shape). Again, complete relief. Woke up this backache! Love, love, love Brian!

Camille Folsom, 5/19/18, Google
This place is wonderful! My massage was so thorough and so relaxing. I also had my first Reiki session after my massage. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend this place.

Bill C, 5/19/18, Vagaro
Prices were very competive. Service was great with a very friendly staff. Monique was very easy to work with. She was incredibly professional. She was on time, very friendly, and will absolutely will be getting my business again.

Wendy J., 5/15/18, Vagaro
I was visiting from out of town and selected this massage center based on the reviews. The atmosphere was pleasant and I would highly recommend! Brian is very good!! He addressed my needs and the overall experience was very relaxing.

Sonia J, 5/13/18, Vagaro
I received an excellent massage. Monique is very professional and skillful. I highly recommend Monique!

Robyn P, 5/13/18, Vagaro
Walking into Caring Palms there is a sense of calm and peace. The staff was friendly and greeted me as I entered. The place was clean and well cared for. Decoration was tastefully done. I would definitely go back. Loved it! Great Reiki 1 class. Brian was very knowledgeable and presented the material in a very easy to understand format. The hands on portion was especially well done providing each attendee individual attention. Great class.

Katie Caston, 5/5/18, Google
Brian can heal. Wish I could have discovered MFR and Caring Palms long ago.

James Hillhouse, 4/23/18, Facebook
I just received the BEST massage session with Brian. Long story short, I have had a lot of stress and tension. From the beginning, he took a minute and called out exactly what I needed before even laying a hand on my body. Throughout the session, he made sure I stayed comfortable. He knew when to go easy and when to add pressure without me even saying so. I feel completely and totally relaxed and rejuvenated after this session and will most definitely be booking more sessions more often. HIGHLY recommend going to Caring Palms and seeing Brian if your in need of relaxation or to ease any tension/stress you may be carrying.

Heather Marie, 4/23/18, Facebook
Brian was amazing. He restored ROM to my right shoulder. I will definitely be back. Highly recommended.

Alyssa M, 4/8/18, Vagaro
I booked a long overdue ,last minute massage with Monique . Caring Palms provided me with more than my expectations . The atmosphere is a very , welcoming and comfortable and my service was a very healing experience. I did not expect to have an immediate result as my body as I said was very overdue, however, this one visit helped immensely to relieve almost all of my symptoms of stress and discomfort. Monique’s knowledge and skill is impressive and extremely appreciated. Thank you ????

Christy S,4/4/18, Vagaro
Thank you so much for helping me feel so much better! My whole body is pain free today.

Eric Morris, 3/27/18, Vagaro
I have been to 2 MFR sessions with Brian and am completely amazed at the level of correction and mobility that was achieved.

Bradon McDaniel, 3/20/18, Google
Had a deep tissue massage with Brian. I highly recommend him and will definitely be back. Nice and relaxing atmosphere as well.

Kristin Brenkus, 3/19/18, Facebook
I truly enjoyed my visit at Caring Palms. Brian was amazing. He is gifted with healing hands and uses his many talents including intuition to know where to go next to help the healing. My body felt like jello by the time my session was done. I could feel the heat coming through his hands. This place has a great energy and you will not be disappointed! I love the amount of services they offer. You are bound to find something here that speaks to you. I am looking forward to trying more healing modalities with Caring Palms. Much love and appreciation for your time.

Samantha S, 3/15/18, Vagaro
Brian. Is. The. Best. He is such a caring massage therapist and genuine master in his art of massage and energy work. I left my appointment with him yesterday feeling relaxed and uplifted. Looking forward to returning soon.

Kristen Gibson, 3/15/18, Google
I make massage therapy a part of my self care. I've received them all across the United States, major resorts, cruises, boutique hotels and even massage schools.. I like to try small out of the way ones as well. I know within the first 5-10 minutes whether the massage is going to be good. I had a first time appointment with Monique today. She was phenomenal!! She interviewed me as to what my areas of concern were, and said she would work with them and around them. She was concerned with the temperature of the heated massage table. Her draping technique was very good. The ambiance of the room was very conducive to 90 minutes of total relaxation. I was looking for a massage therapist here that I liked enough to go to on a monthly basis and I have found that with Monique!

Lori, 3/11/18, Google
I was long overdue for massage and Reiki so I decided to try my luck here. The massage was fantastic, but Monique had me floored after our Reiki session. She told me things that I knew as well as things I didn’t know. I’m excited to see what’s in store and I will be back soon!

Stephanie Mackriss, 3/8/18, Google, Yelp
Moniq provides the most relaxing and informative massage experience! She is so attentive and accommodating - from the oils and scents used, to the table temperature. At the end of my deep tissue massage, Moniq took the time to discuss next steps and even provided helpful yoga stretches to adjust minor posture concerns. I will absolutely return and highly recommend Moniq @ Caring Palms!

Andrea M-b, 3/6/18, Facebook
Wonderful massage given by Cheryl; very knowledgeable! I will definitely return and recommend her and the location! Thank you!

Aaron B., 2/19/18, Thumbtack
The Best Deep Tissue massage I have ever had.

Shane Mandel, 2/17/18, Google
Had my first ever message here. Monique Bailey did an amazing job. There is NO doubt I will be going back. The experience was both relaxing and helpful. I HIGHLY recommend it!

904CZV, 2/17/18, Google
Before I begin, if you are looking for expert Reiki practitioners, look no further than this place. I have been to many massage therapists and one other Reiki practitioner before I went to Caring Palms. I had a bad experience with my last Reiki person, so I sought out a different place. I came across Caring Palms. The moment I walked in, I was already at ease. Ms. Monique was my massage/reiki therapist and she was by far the best Reiki person I have ever experienced. She has a gentle touch and fills you with inner peace. This is the first time I had such an awesome experience with Reiki. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable (floating) the whole time. I know some think it is 'hokey' or doesn't work, but you have to have an open mind to try Reiki. If you are already going in with a negative attitude about it, then don't try it. And you have to find the right practitioners of Reiki. Therefore, I am so, so glad I found Ms. Monique because she is so kind, positive, and peaceful. After my session, I felt more calm, less anxious and positive about aspects of my current life. So be open and let Ms. Monique do her magic! Thank you, Monique!

Charlene Velasco, 2/16/18, Vagaro
Calm Environment. Monique was awesome. By far the best reiki session I’ve ever had. She has a gentle touch and kind spirit. Her kindness and peaceful energy is felt during a session. If you are in need of peace and healing, she can definitely guide you there. Thank you Monique!

Bridget R., 2/12/18, Vagaro
One of the best massages I’ve had especially for such a great price! Will definitely return! Monique was amazing and has such a sweet personality it made the entire experience even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Taylor Norris, 2/11/18, Facebook
This isn’t just a normal massage, Brian takes into consideration all of your sore spots and makes your experience above and beyond personalized to you. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere and I can’t wait to go back.

Cheri H., 2/11/18, Vagaro
This place is amazing! was one of the best massages that I've ever had. The price was fantastic! Monique was a godsend!!! She even incorporated reiki into my massage. This was a truly intuitive massage that catered to everything I needed to help relieve my stress and muscle tension. The morning after I feel amazing, aligned energetically and excited for my next session. I'm going for the reiki class next. I can't wait to return.

Monique is very experienced and great at assessing your needs... Very intuitive in her massage so every kink is worked out in the body. Hands are magic! She has a gentle spirit that made me feel comfortable. She was truly amazing!!

Michelle McBride, 1/27/18, Facebook
I am so happy to have found Caring Palms. Brian and his staff are wonderful and the variety of classes offered are amazing. Very fair prices as well. I had no idea such a gold mine existed right here in my own backyard. As a licensed massage therapist myself, I can highly recommend attending a class or booking a session here.

Ryan Hammers, 1/26/18, Google
Cheryl did an awesome job. My shoulder was hurting after a training work out. After the massage I felt better not only in my shoulder but everywhere. My recovery time felt like it was cut in 1/2. Thank you!

Paige Bell, 1/25/18, Google
Monique did a phenomenal job! Went in mostly for some relaxation and she was able to work on problem areas I didn’t even know were there. I will definitely be returning and would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a great massage in the jax beach area!

Charlotte Chastain, 1/25/18, Vagaro
Excellent Reiki for a novice! Thank you!

Joey Thomas, 12/24/17, Google
Since I have been going to Brian for myofascial release and massage, I have definitely felt a difference in my overall wellness. I am more flexible and standing better, I have cerebral palsy, so I'm unable to stretch properly. Brian's body work has really made a remarkable difference after each session. I have learned the importance of body work through Brian's influence.

Wanda H, 12/24/17, Vagaro
I walked in with rotator cup issues in left arm. I had previously been unable to lift it very high due to the pain. Brian patiently guided me through the pain as he worked on me. I was amazed how much movement I had at the end. So much energy was unblocked. My only regret is that I live out of town and only visit yearly. However, I will probably make an exception and start going more frequently. Brian Dean is top notch! One of the most skilled massages I have ever had.

Carolyn McCarthy, 12/20/17, Facebook
I have a ruptured tendon in my foot. Had a 30-minute Reiki massage with Monique. It helped tremendously. Monique and Brian are very nice. Very happy to have found Caring Palms.

Dana Merrill, 11/30/17, Facebook
My reiki session with Brian was just what I needed. You can feel a wonderful calm energy as soon as you walk in the office, and my treatment was simply amazing. I left feeling clear and refreshed.

Michelle Kutzer, 11/29/17, Google
Always leave feeling much better! Relieves a lot of my tension and back pain from an active lifestyle.

Christianna H., 11/28/17, Vagaro
Brian went above and beyond with my reiki healing. I can tell how he values his clients and their wellbeing, and he is incredibly talented. I am so appreciative! I will definitely be back!

Terrell Reglin, 11/28/17, Google
I have had 2 Reiki sessions and can't find a better fix! I feel light and energized and my mind is clear of negative thoughts. If you haven't tried Reiki I highly recommend Caring Palms!

Beverly Barrett Flintom, 11/22/17, Facebook
When I walked into Caring Palms today, I was a mess. My stress level at this time in my life is at an all time high! After my Reiki session with Brian, the Owner, I was a new Woman! I was energized and felt like I was waking on water! The amazing transformation was huge! I am so grateful that I chose Caring Palms! I have had sessions at dozens of other places in Jax Beach & Pontre Vedra Beach, but have NEVER received the results as I did today after my Reiki session! I feel like a new Woman! My stress is gone! And, I feel extremely energized! Thank you so much Brian! I plan on receiving a Reiki session every week because I feel so good! I would highly recommend Caring Palms & if your lucky enough to book Brian, you will be more than satisfied! See you next week Brian because I want to keep this feeling forever! I cannot thank you enough!

Jessica Bradstreet, 11/21/17, Facebook
Had a wonderful, relaxing last minute book massage with Monique today.

Marcel van Gils, 10/28/17, Google
I have been having issues with my hip and lower back due to an injury years prior. Monique managed to locate the specific issue where other therapists had not, work deeply and efficiently as well as give me several exercises to continue at home. I highly recommend this institution and Monique for anyone who is an athlete in serious need of attention.

Izanete N., 10/24/17, Vagaro
Brian is very knowledgeable and a sweet heart. I loved my session and will sure go back for more.

Christianna H., 10/21/17, Yelp
Monique was wonderful - I really felt better after my reiki session with her. The work she did on me was really effective. Everyone is accommodating, the atmosphere is so peaceful and the staff is really talented. I'll be back!

Linda Nichols, 10/20/17, Google
The owner (Brian) does excellent bodywork and the prices are very reasonable. The facility is spotless and beautifully furnished. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Elizabeth McQueen, 10/13/17, Facebook
Brian helped my migraines when no one else could. I've taken many classes with him and I'm always amazed by his knowledge and ability to communicate the information.

Henela C., 10/1/17, Yelp
Nice massage, good therapist, clean environment, convenient location.Will definitely be back for another massage or reiki session.

Vinny Angresano, 9/27/17, Google
I have been getting massages for 15 years at the Beaches. The experience at Caring Palms was outstanding, ( and I am a tuff customer). Attentive staff and a clean and cool studio.

Tien Bahlman, 9/17/17, Google
Met with Brian for my first Reiki Session. I really appreciated that he took the time to address my physical ailments as well as my mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns. Will definitely come back!

Clint Weinberg, 8/20/17, Facebook
Yesterday I took my second class from Brian, and it was great!

Brian Rassi, 8/15/17, Facebook
Thank you, Brian, for the wonderful mediumship session. I received what I needed from it and I am very grateful for the messages.

Bryanna Jarman, 8/7/17, Google
Went in today for a prenatal massage. It was my first massage ever but it was amazing! I will definitely be going back post baby.

Gina Wilson, 7/21/17, Google
I have taken the Reiki 1 course here and received a massage. Both times, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Everyone here is knowledgeable and friendly. Services are also reasonably priced. I plan to keep coming back!

Mary Cox, 7/20/17, Google
Beautiful peaceful place. Creating a healing atmosphere.

Shirley B., 7/20/17, Thumbtack
Amazing massage using several techniques. Left feeling relaxed and energized.

Pat Price, 6/19/17
Had Reiki session with Brian. It has worked well so far. Have had BAD tremors in my hand, after my session, the tremor have diminished significantly. I am working with crystals while performing Reiki to promote even better health. Thanks Brian !!!

Ryan C, 6/12/17
Without a doubt the best place in Jacksonville to receive a "real" therapeutic treatment. What do I mean by "real", well you'll be glad you asked. I have been to most, if not all, of the "franchise" massage places over the last 10 years and through that experience I can you that you're really wasting your money for a cheap massage that will keep you feeling good for about 12 hours. At Caring Palms I found uniqueness, a place that really cares about you, and cares about the long-term effects of their work with you. I found such skilled people there, people who understand the human anatomy, and who discuss treatment options with you instead of saying "Now serving #234 for the deep tissue special." They actually consulted with me first to understand where my physical pain was and applied years of experience to recommend the best treatment option for my wife and me. I've built customer experience organizations across the globe and I understand what the difference between customer satisfaction and customer experience is. Caring Palms understands the difference too. They don't want you to be just satisfied; they want you to take home memories of a wonderful experience. That folks is unique and something you will not find in Jacksonville unless you visit Brian and his Team. My experience has shown me that the effects of a physical and spiritual healing session from Caring Palms last me often times for weeks and even longer. There is no pressure to sign up for another massage right away, because they know you may not need one right away. That's how good they are and how good you will feel. Try them once and you'll never look back.

Jacon Kintner, 5/29/17, Google
Always easy to make an appointment and regardless of who I see there they are always very helpful and informative. Caring Palms is easily the best place I've ever gone to for a massage.

Kaylin Elizabeth, 5/15/17, Facebook
Absolutely loved my massage. It was just what I needed. Thank you Caring Palms!Absolutely loved my massage. It was just what I needed. Thank you Caring Palms!

Jena Cauley, 5/6/17, Google
I used my birthday gift certificate to see Brian for a massage. I came in with limited massage experience and a neck ache that I wanted him to work on for as long as he was willing. He listened to my descriptions of what I wanted and he combined them with what he felt best in his experience for me. I am grateful for his recommendations. Listen to him! He will not ignore your needs, but he will incorporate them in to an overall experience that lasts well after you leave. I am writing this review over a day after I left his office and I am still feeling the benefits of his massage. I highly recommend him and I will definitely return soon. Thank you, Brian!

Annie Mann, 5/5/17, Facebook
Brian has been a good friend for several years now & he is an excellent teacher! Their new location is so open & a great vibe for body/energy work & learning!

Denny Anderson, 4/27/17, Google
I have a lot of things going in my life and I was having problems with my meditation. I knew that I had to start with my energy and my chakras so I went to caring Palms Jacksonville Beach my experience there was amazing. I was so relaxed my Reiki healer was the up most professional that I have ever been to he listened to me he knew exactly what was wrong with me and when I left there I felt energized balance. I would highly recommend this to anybody.

Gail B. 4/25/17, Thumbtack
I have a lot of things going in my life and I was having problems with my meditation. I knew that I had to start with my energy and my chakras so I went to caring Palms Jacksonville Beach my experience there was amazing. I was so relaxed my Reiki healer was the up most professional that I have ever been to he listened to me he knew exactly what was wrong with me and when I left there I felt energized balance. I would highly recommend this to anybody.

Rosalind Anderson, 4/21/17, Facebook
I have suffered with lower back pain for quite a while. Like most women I have suffered with a number of aches and pains that I have ignored. Today, I received a Myofascia Release Session. Brian, the Master Therapist, addressed several of my issues. I left there feeling 100% better. I am looking forward to returning.

Tina Ward, 4/6/17, Facebook
Totally fabulous Reiki session today! I can't wait to go back, and to resume my Reiki studies!

Applebee Townsend, 3/19/17, Facebook
Caring palms healing clinic lives up to its name. I experienced my first reiki session and it was awesome! Worth every second spent. The staff was very friendly and they made sure I was comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone whose inquiring.

Nicole Causey, 3/6/17, Facebook
I've had the pleasure of taking Reiki classes at Caring Palms and I've purchased meditation mp3s. First of all, the reiki classes were incredible. I've previously taken Reiki I & Reiki II about 10 years ago. I wanted refresh and new perspective and boy did I get it! I learned so much more than Reiki. I really started believing in myself and my abilities to help others and my self. It is obvious Brian cares about his students and Reiki. He is so knowledgeable and makes learning so much fun. I'm still laughing at his sci-fi jokes months later. I also purchased 2 meditation CDS. I really enjoyed them; specifically the meet your spirit guides one. It sounds so crisp and clear, very professional. I enjoy using it to meditate. I am so grateful you are here, Brian! (Okay well an hour away from me, but close enough) Thank you so much for preparing me the way you did.

Jacob Kintner, 2/25/17, Facebook
Brian really took the time to understand what was going on with my back pain and addressed my alignment issues and prior injury and suggested a course of massage that really got me out of pain!

Tina Eklund, 2/23/17, Google
I have terrible back and neck problems , Brian truly took care of me and did his absolute best to try and relieve my pain. I'm definitely going back for more sessions, this is THE BEST massage place I've been to!. Thanks so much Brian I feel so great!

Melanie M., 2/15/17
Wonderful attention to sore spots. Very nice rooms and staff.  The tables have a comfortable place for the arms to rest while lying face-down - Neat! This place really gets the job done and I plan on going at least monthly for maintenance.

Dawn S., 2/12/17, Thumbtack
I received Reiki. I could feel the energy moving and I've been more focused since. It's been about 1 1/2 days. Brian did great work and the environment is very relaxing and inviting.

Rachael P., 1/30/17, Thumbtack

The best energy healing I've had from Brian Dean! Love the pure healing he brings through.

Katey G., 1/26/17
I had a wonderful massage yesterday with Brian Dean - I told him all the areas that were hurting and he worked on each and every one of them. He was very professional and very knowledgeable, and I felt sooooooo much better when I left. Thanks, Brian - it was the best massage ever! (And I should know because I, too, am an LMT).

Katey Grund, 1/25/17, Facebook
I took a Reiki I continuing education class today with Brian - I went in with what I thought was an open mind, and then realized how many preconceived notions I had...silly me! I will be scheduling a massage for myself with Brian very soon, and will be taking Reiki II and Reiki III in the future. Thanks, Brian! It was very enlightening!

Maddy Wright, 1/24/17, Facebook
My boyfriend bought me a gift certificate for a 1 hour massage from Caring Palms for Christmas, and I decided to use it today since I've been having some lower back pain recently. I've gotten several massages before, mainly just Swedish, oil massage, and one Thai massage while I was visiting Thailand, but out of all the places I've been and styles I've tried, the integrated massage that I received today from Brian was the absolute best! I could tell he's been in this business for a long time because he was very skilled and very professional about everything too. He made sure that I was comfortable with everything that he would be doing and sat down and discussed everything with me beforehand to really get an idea of what I was looking for and how he could give me the best possible massage today. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a good quality massage that can be personalized to your own preferences when it comes to pressure and privacy/body exposure with the different draping options.

Courtney Murr, 1/15/17, Google
I took a Reiki 1 course with Brian and it was very informative. I appreciate all that he shared with the class and have walked away with something that I can share with anyone.

Donna H., 1/2/17

I went for a massage in particular to relieve pain and occasional numbness in my left shoulder blade to arm.

Brian was the first therapist to put a dent in this issue in a meaningful way. The trigger point therapy and myofascial work were just what I needed.

Some people need the soft relaxing touch...I needed the stretching and pinpointed deep pressure to relieve my pain.

He knows his stuff!! 2 enthusiast thumbs up!!

Go'll thank me later.

Beth Barnette, 12/30/16, Facebook
My husband bought me gift certificates for Christmas after reviewing multiple reviews for massages and decided on Caring Palms. Mr first massage with Brian today did not disappoint and I am looking forward to next massage with Brian!

Koen D., 12/29/16
I had a very nice experience at Caring Palms earlier this week. I have upper back and shoulder problems and both Victoria and Brian seem very knowledgeable. I booked my second massage by Victoria for next week

Deborah, Y. 12/28/16, Yelp
Brian gave me my second Reiki treatment. Wow! My husband had a massage by Victoria. We were both relaxed, impressed, and VERY happy!

Matt, 12/1/16, Google
I've had massages and have taken classes with Brian and his wonderful team. They always do great work and are willing to work with your needs. It's always a pleasure to go there.

Cathy Brown, 11/19/16, Facebook
Today, I took the Reiki Level 3 (Teacher/Master) training and it was awesome! I have learned so much in all three Reiki courses and the knowledge gained has been, and will continue to be, put to good use. Again, Brian Dean at Caring Palms Massage and Reiki teaches so well and the students in the classes have been positive, friendly people which has made the whole experience very enjoyable and fun as well as informative. Many well-wishes and blessings to my teacher and fellow students on their paths to continued learning and healing work. Namaste to all!

Brittany Tillis, 11/10/16, Google
My first time going and I would have to admit that Faith is amazing 😊😊😊 thank you for such a wonderful experience. I will be returning!

Wanda Hunter, 11/2/16, Facebook
I was in town for a much needed self caring weekend getaway. I am the ultimate caretaker and often fail to take care of myself. So I decided to schedule a massage and luckily I chose Caring Palms and got Faith as amy therapist. I let her decide which type of massage I needed I just wanted to relax. My experience was one of the most satisfying massages I have ever had. After a few minutes into the massage I could tell she needed to use more pressure as I was a ball of knots but was respectful and waited until I gave her permission to increase pressure. From that point on I went into the best state of relaxation. She is highly trained in sensing your bodies needs. It's not like a routine but a personal healing experience for my specific needs. I also loved that she took time afterwards to affirm my need to start caring for myself a little more I deserve caring to. I will definitely be returning again even if the trip is about 90 minutes away from my home. It will be my treat to myself.

Missy Reardon, 10/22/16, Google
I had no idea what to expect going into Caring Palms, but it was wonderful. They provide a very caring, comfortable environment that is welcoming and soothing. I was impressed with their knowledgeable staff. I will definitely go back and would recommend it to anyone.

Shari Townsend, 9/5/16, Facebook
The day I had an hr massage with Faith, started out terrible...I was in so much pain (in my upper back and shoulder) that I had to leave work 4 hours early. It even hurt to lift my phone but i googled massage near me. I called Caring Palms, Faith answered, I asked if it was possible to get a same day appt. Thankfully she had an opening. After 1/2 hr i stared to notice a difference after an hour I was much better and i was able to return to work the next day. I definitely recommend Caring Palms.

Amanda Hendricks, 9/2/16, Google
Taking the Couples' Massage class was amazing and greatly surpassed my expectations. Brian was very thorough and patient with the both of us; making sure that he took the time to cover everything in a very welcoming and comfortable environment. Certainly a wonderful experience that I highly recommend!

Jenna Griffith 9/2/16, Google
Faith has helped me recover from a chiropractic adjustment gone bad. She is extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy, and has the most skilled, effective and healing touch. I highly recommend her!!!

Chance Rauscher, 8/31/16, Google
We took the Couples Massage class and it surpassed our highest expectations! Brian's knowledge was superb and he is a great teacher. It was worth the time and money to take this class!

Jessica Durkin, 8/15/16, Facebook
Brian at Caring Palms has been an absolute godsend for me! After battling years of unrelenting back pain (even after surgical intervention), I'm finally having great improvement and have even had several days that I've been completely pain free! Anyone with chronic pain knows how magical that is, and I am so very grateful. Thanks Brian:)

Christianna H, 7/25/16, Vagaro
My first reiki session was lovely thanks to Faith. I learned a lot and felt incredibly energized after the session. She gave me loads of information to takeaway that was all incredibly helpful in understanding reiki and energy healing. I'll definitely be back for another session!

Mariel Fleming, 7/10/16, Facebook
Very professional. I was cared for by Brian and he really knows his stuff! Instantly walked better, felt 70% better, and it's left me feeling much better the few days following even! I just scheduled an hour session but I know it had to be longer than that. It was my first visit and I felt like he took the time to truly heal me. Thank you. I will be back very soon.

Kelly Williams, 7/21/16, Facebook, Google
I was so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of both Brian and Faith in helping me with an issue that I've had for a very long time and hadn't been able to find answers. I truly believe that with their help that I will finally feel healthy again. Can't wait to go back next week!

Christina Anderson, 7/2/16, Google
My first experience with Reiki has been a very positive one. Brian and Faith were receptive to my needs and extremely compassionate and helpful. I look forward to additional sessions and other offerings at Caring Palms.

Cynthia Flynn, 5/30/16, Google
My therapist, Faith, was very knowledgeable and very talented. She really focused on what my body needed. She was really one of the best. I will definitely be returning!

Nicole B., 4/29/16
Brian is amazing! I've been to his Reiki 1 & 2 classes and recently went for a treatment and I feel better than ever! I would highly recommend him

Matthew Saxton, 4/27/16, Facebook, Google
Brian, the owner of Caring Palms does a fantastic job. I have been to just about every type of massage, chiropractor, physio you can think of and he is among the best. I like that he has experience in many different forms of massage and does not take a cookie cutter approach. Also, he's just a nice person who is easy to talk to when I sit there complaining about all my problems LOL.

JP Weinberg, 4/9/16, Facebook
I just took a Reiki level one class, and I loved everything about it. We will be coming back for Reiki 2 and 3! It is so nice things like this are available in Jacksonville! Way to go Caring Palms!

Beth S, 4/20/16
Brian Dean is amazing. I recently took his Reiki 1 class.

He explains everything in detail and you leave with a beautiful document that entails all of the details of the class.

Brian offers hot stone massage, myofacial relese, reiki, and many more forms of massage. His accolades are astounding. You must see Brian. He is the Real deal.
Over 25 years of experience?  I think.. a lot!

You won't be disappointed!

Sharon Ford, 3/2/16, Google
Brian and Caring Palms Massage and Reiki is the best kept secret in the Jacksonville Beach area. I had the best massage ever from Brian today and and I feel great from my visit. I have also had Reiki treatments from Brian in the past and they were very good and healing. If you are looking for a great massage or a Reiki energy treatment that is top notch and very professional visit Caring Palms.

Sara A, 6/4/15
Very enjoyable reiki session. Brian is very professional and an excellent reiki master. I will be coming back in the future for sure.

Kathleen Renee 11/3/14, Facebook, Google
I became a Reiki Master at Caring Palms and have been deeply satisfied. Reiki has changed my life in ways I never imagined. I initially took reiki because I thought it would add to my services as a birth doula, and it has, but the changes that have come about in my personal life have been infinitely more gratifying and satisfying! I have offered my healing services to suffering people near and far, to their benefit and mine... If you are at all "on the fence" about learning reiki, I urge you to give it a chance, it will certainly be worth it!

Chloe Peace, 10/23/14, Facebook
I became a Reiki Master at Caring Palms and have been deeply satisfied. Reiki has changed my life in ways I never imagined. I initially took reiki because I thought it would add to my services as a birth doula, and it has, but the changes that have come about in my personal life have been infinitely more gratifying and satisfying! I have offered my healing services to suffering people near and far, to their benefit and mine... If you are at all "on the fence" about learning reiki, I urge you to give it a chance, it will certainly be worth it!

Tim Meakin, 9/13/14, Facebook
Reiki 1class today was awesome thanks, Tim.

Martha Wilmering, 5/21/14, Google
I've used many massage therapists, and Brian is the BEST! He is well-versed in many styles of massage, has taught massage, continually updates his skills, and additionally, is an intuitive healer and Reiki master. I get a myofacial release treatment if I have a particular issue; otherwise, I just give him free rein and never come away unhappy! Plus, his rates are reasonable. You will get a full hour, not a 50 min. "hour".

Jackie J., 8/4/14
I found Caring Palms online when I was looking for a place to take a Reiki class.  The website was informative and the class seemed in line with what I was wanting to learn.  When I arrived I met the teacher and owner of Caring Palms, Brian Dean, and he proceeded to exceed any and all expectations I had going in.  Brian is a truly gifted energy healer, able to perform, demonstrate and teach many complicated healing methods and energy modalities such as reiki, astral travel, mediumship, sight scanning, chakra cleansing, astral travel, reflexology, myofascial release and various other massage techniques.  His kind demeanor and engaging personality draw you into the learning experience and his knowledge and ability will blow your mind!  I was so amazed by everything that I learned in class that day that I immediately scheduled a reiki appointment with him after it ended (thankfully someone else had cancelled) and was amazed at the difference in my body after only one session!  My chronic pain issues were improved and I felt more relaxed than I had in years.  I am now a regular client of Brian's and would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone interested in massage or energy work of any kind!

Cindy W., 6/4/14
I have been to Caring Palms for both the massage and the Reiki services.  Brian is a very talented healer.  My very first Reiki session completely healed my plantar fasciitis that had been extremely painful for months!  Definitely check this place out!

Ronnie, 5/4/14, Facebook
Brian's commitment to real care and healing is inspiring. I had my first session (of many to come, I'm sure) with him today. I've been to several other practitioners, but I was impressed with the time Brian took to assess my needs and the extra time he took to make sure I left feeling transcendent! He is a genuine soul and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of healing hands. Thanks, Brian!

Samantha Solley, 5/1/14, Foursquare, Google, Citysearch
Finding Caring Palms was a such a blessing. I meet a friend who had just had a massage with Brian and she had a look of bliss on her face. I said "I need a massage from this guy."

RPC, 4/24/14, Topix
I recommend Caring Palms Massage and Reiki to all my friends. What a difference it makes to choose experts instead of the cheapest groupon deals out there. I made that mistake with buying a few sessions from Massage Envy. Too commercialized and not enough focus on me, the client. The Caring Palms team are experts in their field. Like another review says they take time with you - no rush - just focus on what's best for you. Thanks to Brian and Whitney for making me feel at home, but most importantly for helping to keep me feeling good for extended periods of time. I literally go there once and don't need (nor am I pressured) to go back for a few months.They are that good! All the best, RPC

Ryan Cole, 4/24/14, Google
Hands down the most authentic and skilled therapeutic place to go for multiple types of massage and energy healing. Don't take my word for it. Go one time and you will experience it yourself. Besides myself, my wife and kids also go to Caring Palms and I'm confident you will not only enjoy, but make Caring Palms a part of your life's healing process.

Maria, 4/24/14, Topix
I've been to a hundred different places for massage, many of them have sprouted up on every corner, but I have never been a) more comfortable b) more well taken care of by experienced professionals or c) more healthy and balanced as I have been since going to Caring Palms Massage & Reiki. I find that most places kind of treat you like a number. This is so not so at Caring Palms. Brian, the owner, and his staff are warm, caring, and well educated in a dozen different massage techniques (some from other countries) and they really take the time to review your physical problems and then to recommend the right massage for your ailments. His energy healing via Reiki is absolutely amazing. If you have heard of Reiki and not tried it I would strongly suggest it. Whichever you choose (massage or Reiki) know that you will be getting world class service that is unmatched by any $29.95 massage parlor. This is the real deal. Caring Palms is the only place I have found in Jacksonville that puts centuries old techniques to work to heal your ailments. Wonderful experience. I've been back many times over because their treatments last many weeks, unlike other places where you only feel good for many hours if you're lucky.

Miss Pink, 3/10/14, Facebook
After grueling hours of sitting snd driving, Brian's healing hands are just what the doctor ordered. I need to do this more often.

Valerie Renee, 5/31/13, Facebook
Took Reiki 1, 2, and 3 here. Wonderful experience and Brian truly does have healing hands!