What the Sitter (the person receiving the message) Should Do During a Reading

We know what should happen during a reading. But a lot of what does happen depends on the sitter as well as the medium.

First off, if the medium is doing their work right, they should not be asking any questions about details, though there are some exceptions to this. The sitter on the other hand, should not be volunteering information unless specifically asked. The last thing you want is for the medium to give one detail like “I have a man here with long blond hair”, and have the sitter go” That’s Uncle Bob. He always loved having long hair and died of cancer.” It is the job of the medium to bring up this information as evidence to prove that they are indeed speaking to “Uncle Bob”.

The sitter needs to have an open mind to try to correlate the evidence, to see what pieces fit and what do not. They need to see if they recognize who the spirit is based on the information given. They may ask a question or two, but for the most part, they should not be adding to the evidence. If the sitter thinks they know who the spirit is, they need to say so. If they think they might know who it is, they need to acknowledge it. if it is between a couple of possibilities, they need to let the medium know that as well, so the medium can ask the spirit for some piece of evidence that will distinctly identify who it is.

The medium may ask if the sitter recognizes the person coming through. The sitter should answer with yes, no, or maybe. Or they should tell the medium that some of the evidence makes sense, but some does not. The medium may ask which pieces of evidence make sense, so they can focus in a little closer on those items. The idea is that the reader should be proving who they have, and not the other way around.

The sitter needs to be open to possibilities based on the words the medium uses. Most mediums who work in the British style will never say “I have your mother here.” They will probably say that I have someone that is a mother figure. John Edward is famous for his placements of spirits. He will say that he has somebody above, and this could be mother, father, grandmother, grandfather or even further up the line. Someone aside could be brother, sister, cousin, etc. but the sitter needs to consider that if the medium says they have a “father figure”, it does not mean father. It could also be grandfather, or someone that was like a father to them. Do not rule out the spirit because one piece of evidence does not match a narrow definition.

Sometimes, the sitter will not be able to recognize the spirit as they did not know them well enough. This could happen if the spirit was someone that the sitter knew in childhood, a nanny, a friend of the family. It is possible that the medium could give them enough information that they could go home and talk to other family members to see if they recognize who it is that came through.

Occasionally, the sitter may not recognize the spirit at all because it is someone that they do not know. But sometimes, a spirit will come through that had similar life experiences to what the sitter is going through now. Their message could be invaluable to get the sitter to learn from the mistakes that they made.

When a spirit comes through, and evidence is given, if that spirit is not recognized, the sitter has the option to stay with them and listen to a message, or let them go, and try another. People with big families may not have a lot of knowledge of all the members of their family, so recognition may not be possible. The medium will almost never say “I have your cousin here.”

They key is to be open, and allow the information given to build to the point that the pieces fall together and recognition is made.

When receiving the message, feel free to ask questions when allowed, but don’t expect exacting answers. The medium will usually ask if the message makes sense, and/or is relevant to things going on right now. They will not likely ask for details.

If the sitter is uncomfortable at any time during the message they should say something to the reader so that changes can be made for the purpose of receiving the message and not deflecting the information being presented.

Keep in mind that the point of readings are to be healing. Caring Palms intent is to give readings that are life affirming and changing.

If all goes well, you will have a positive experience.