What Can Cause Things to Go Wrong in a Mediumship Reading

While the goal of a reading is to connect someone to loved ones in spirit and give them a message that will have some type of healing effect, there are many reasons why this might not happen.

The obvious thing is if the reader (medium) is distracted or unable to connect. Sometimes, the reader can have problems going on in their life that distract them from being able to control the energies needed to connect to spirit as well as they want. They can not keep their full concentration on what they need to.

The same can be true for a reader that is having doubts about their ability, or any other aspect of the process they go through. To make this type of connection, they must have complete faith in themselves and in the spirit world helping from their side.

Also, the reader may not have a strong enough bond with the spirit to make the connection between them and the sitter. This may cause them to get someone that is not truly for the sitter. They might get someone, give a message, and it may not relate to the sitter at all.

The spirit they bring in may not be a good communicator. Sometimes if someone has not been in spirit too long, they may not have developed the communication skills to get their message across to the reader. Even if they have been in spirit a while, they still may not be a good communicator. This makes the reader have to work harder, and may not get enough information to prove identity, or give a good message.

The reader may make assumptions. This happens when information is passed, the reader will assume what it means, but they truly do not know. For example, the reader asks spirit how they passed. They see a picture of the spirit clutching their chest. They may assume that the spirit passed from a heart attack. The true cause may have been lung related, or choking. The job of the medium is to give evidence and not assume, but it does happen.

The medium may not like a piece of the information. This happens occasionally where some piece of information offends or goes against the medium’s morality. There was a reading done where two mediums connected to the same spirit based on an item that was special. A lot of information was gathered, but when one of the mediums saw a gun, they pushed it away as they wanted nothing to do with guns. Later, the other medium realized that they did not have the evidence right, as it was the gun that this person used to pass to spirit. By pushing away the evidence, the one medium failed to get the right information.

The sitter is there just for a lark, “Oh, let’s try this and see what happens.” Most mediums do this work to help people. To them, it is not fun and games. They are serious about what they do, and most want to use their gifts to help others in a big way. Caring Palms has helped people get closure after they lost people in their life. There was the one who wanted to know if the person they were talking with killed themselves or was murdered. Or the one who blamed herself for her husband’s death. Or the one that wanted to know why her boyfriend hung himself. The point is that if one is just doing it for fun, then they are not very serious, and will not get a strong message from spirit. That does not mean that there has to be a tradgedy for spirit to give a strong message. But spirit wants to help with serious questions.

The sitter came to connect with a specific person, and they did not show up. Because of this, they feel that the reading was a failure and tune out to anything else said. This happens. Many times, the sitter will be fixated on having to connect to one specific person. Sometimes, the person they want can not come to communicate. Other times, someone else will show up, someone that the sitter knows. In a couple of the cases listed above, someone else came through with a message before the one that they came for. This especially happens in traumatic situations. This is not a failure on the reader as they can not control the spirit world. They can request someone specific, but that does not mean spirit will comply. This is a failure of the sitter to not accept anything that is not what they want.

The sitter’s inability to recognize the evidence given. Part of doing this work is giving evidence to prove to the sitter that their loved one is truly there. But many time, the sitter will not remember things that happened, or experiences that they had. They may have been very young at the time that they knew this person, and their memory of it has faded, or they simply do not remember. In some cases, the sitter’s “extended family” may be so large and spread out that they simply do not know all the information. These are times when the reader may send them home to ask other friends or relatives if they can verify the evidence that was given.

The sitter does not like a piece of evidence. As mentioned on one of the other pages, the reader will bring forth evidence, and not all of that may be correct. Nationally known psychic/medium, John Edward is correct on average about 70% of the time. So if some of the information does not fit, it should be discarded. But some will treat it as all of the information has to be correct. Again, this is not an exact science. There is a story of a medium that was doing a demonstration, and she was giving a tremendous amount of information to someone. As part of the evidence, she mentioned that there was a citrus tree in the yard. The lady asked what type of citrus tree, and the reader told them it was a grapefruit tree. The sitter replied that it was an orange tree and because of that was not going to believe anything else. Every piece of evidence up until that point had been 100% correct.

The sitter shuts down if they do not like the information or message, or the person tht came through. Sometimes, the reader will bring through someone the sitter knows, but does not want to hear from. Other times, they have trouble following the evidence. In a lot of cases, the sitter just shuts down and stops processing what they are hearing when they need to keep an open mind and ask questions if possible.

The sitter supplies too much information. In most professional readings, the reader is not looking for the sitter to supply any information other than to answer the occasional question. And those answers should be limited to yes, no, maybe, or, I’m not sure. But many times, the reader will give out a piece of information, and the sitter will say they recognize that person and start telling everything they know about them. It is the reader’s job to produce the evidence. Let them do that. It has been witnessed where someone coming in to someone for a psychic reading is looking to tell their life story to anyone there. These are things that can be gone over after the reading, not before or during.

The sitter needing to give some leeway to the medium when listening to the information.The magician Harry Houdini used to debunk mediums because he felt they were all frauds. There was one that almost made him change his mind, but one thing made him believe she was a fraud. The medium brought through Houdini’s mother, and passed on a message. Houdini went into a rage about how she was a fake as his mother did not speak English, the language the medium spoke in. The medium could not give a message in a language she did not know. So, the sitter needs to understand that there are certain limitations.

These are just a few of the reasons that a reading can be seen as a failure.