Trance Healing

Trance Healing is a method where Spirit / White Light healing energy is brought through the practitioner who is in a state of deep attunement with spirit healers. Trance comes from Trance Mediumship, which is a meditative state that allows a deep connection of the practitioner with spirit healing energy. This energy is transferred into the subject to do whatever is needed most. This is like Reiki, but is not Reiki. It is a higher form of spirit energy.

While Reiki is universal energy which comes from the universe, and also from spirit, one is not in a meditative state during Reiki. While doing Reiki, the practitioner is open to the energies, but awake and responsive. They are able to answer questions and interact with the subject. During Trance Healing, the practitioner is in a deep meditation, or trance state. This allows them to better harness the energy as they are in a deep state where their consciousness is involved very little or not at all. They are completely out of the way, so the energy flow is pure. They may be standing or seated. The subject can be seated in a chair, or laying on a massage table.

What happens is determined on the practutuiner's depth of trance. In a mid-level trance the practitioner's hands hover over the subject, and are “guided” where they need to go. This is to have them in the best position for the energy to work. In the deepest trance mode, the practitioner usually does not touch the subject. Instead, they sit accross from them and send the energy. The subject usually feels warm as they are enveloped by the healing energies of the process.

During a Trance Session of any type (healing, speaking), the practitioner is in a vulnerable state. The person being healed must not touch them unless asked, and should make no loud noises or sudden movements.

If scheduling this online, choose "Unspecified Energy Work" from the list of sessions available, and put Trance Healing in the Note section.

$70 per hour, prorated for shorter or longer sessions. Sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes.