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Most of the following are articles written by Caring Palms. Most have been published in some form or another, either by local publications, or the Caring Palms monthly email newsletter (which one can sign up for by joining the mailing list on the right). Some were given to us as they were pertinent on what we do.

  Energy Healing Modalities... What They are, How They Work  
  Holistic Care for Chronic Pain Works  
  Translating Chakras  
  Reconsidering Massage  
  The Benefits of Massage Therapy  
  What is Involved in a Massage Session  
  Finding Holistic Relief for Migraines  
  Client Education a Must  
  Measuring Energy  
  Touching Tells What You Are About  
  Time To Take a Breath  
  Moving Forward  
  It Truly is the Journey  
  Stress... How to Unwind  
  What Can Meditation Do For You?  
  Shall We Dance?  
  Attention vs. Intention  
  Six Words  
  Rules For Life  
  In The Moment  
  Reiki for Mesothelioma Patients  
  Perfect Imperfections  
  A Call to Lightworkers and Positive  
  Setting Expectations  
  The Glass  
  Random Meanderings  
  A Ship in the Harbor  
  The Measure of a Man  
  Dancing With The Universe  
  Release, Allow, and Accept  
  Actions / Counter-Actions  
  We're Only Human  
  Poetry / Philosophy from Spirit  
  Being a Caregiver  
  Chakras - What Are They? - What Do They Affect?  
  Chakras - How Do They Become Blocked?  
  Hope, Faith, Belief  


Articles Relating to the Catholic Bishop's Proclamation on Reiki

In May 2009, the Catholic Bishop's Conference came out with a statement on Reiki. Here is the original article making the announcement, an article from the Florida Times-Union (where Caring Palms was interviewed, and two responses.

  Original News Article  
  Florida Times-Union Interview With Caring Palms and
Reiki Master Missy Baker
  Caring Palms' Response  
  William Rand's ( Response