Mediumship Readings

Typically, mediumship has been called “talking with the dead”. In truth, it is a way of connecting with loved ones that have passed to the other side. It is a way of connecting, and knowing that death is not the end, but just another phase of life. Just because the physical body of a loved one passes from our view, the love we feel for them does not end. And neither does it end for the person who has passed to the Spirit World. Where there is real love between people, there is always a continued connection. Connecting to those who passed gives us the opportunity for closure, to release old hurts, to see that these people still care and are watching over us, and to see that they are fine.

Brian has been talking mediumship classes since 2006, and has decided that he has the confidence to offer this service to the public. Brian practices the British style of mediumship which looks very similar to the style performed by John Edward of “Crossing Over”.

The British style came about due to the Fraudulent Medium Act of the 1950s. This method brings forth evidence to prove to the sitter that the medium truly does have their loved one. Evidence could be a description of the person, mannerisms, cause of death, a description of the place they lived, even what they liked doing when they were alive.

Once the spirit has been recognized by the sitter, a message is given, and questions can be asked and answered. Even if your concerns are about you personal life, the medium will be bringing in a spirit who will answer these questions for you. Now keep in mind, spirit does not give specifics. If you ask spirit where you should live in 10 years, they will not answer with “1650 Park Placeā€¦”. They are more likely to direct you to an area, to show you that you have the gifts to count on your own abilities in finding this place.

Also keep in mind that spirit is done with the life they were living. They no longer have the constraints that they followed when they were here. For example, one’s father may have been a man that could not display his emotions. He could not hug someone else as freely as he would have liked. Now that he has passed, those limitations are gone, and he may express his regret at being able to do this.

And while spirit is no longer concerned with their life, they may be very interested in yours, guiding you, nudging you to make the right decisions through energy.

Readings are done in a private setting one on one. People sitting for these readings are welcome to record the session, or take notes to review later. If you are looking to connect with a loved one for advice, knowledge, or just to catch up, call us and we can set up a session.

Readings are $50 for up to an hour. This includes time to prepare and to let the sitter know what to expect, connect to spirit(s), and deliver evidence and a message.

What is the difference between a mediumship reading and a psychic reading? A psychic reads energies. Those energies can change, but the key is that the energies displayed by the sitter are the ones that come forward. A medium actually connects with someone who has passed who might have a broader view of this world. Meiumship only communicates with someone in the spirit world to the sitter.

For instance, if someone asks a psychic if they will marry their boyfriend, the psychic will look at the energies, see that they are aligned for this, and say yes. This person then asks a medium the same questions. The medium connects to Aunt Flo who passed away 20 years ago. Aunt Flo then tells the sitter that her boyfriend goes home to his wife every night.