Continuing Education for Florida Massage Therapists

The following classes and descriptions are approved courses by the NCBTMB and Florida Board of Massage.

Provider Provider Number Instructor
Caring Palms FLBOM: 50-294 Brian Dean
Course Name Description

CEU Hours

Class Outline
Reiki 1 - Beginner
Healing Self and Others


Reiki 1 Outline
Reiki 2 - Intermediate
Group and Distance Hands-On Healing 6 Reiki 2 Outline
Reiki 3 - Master
Master / Instructor 6 Reiki 3 Outline
Reiki 4 - Advanced
Reiki with Crystals Awaiting Approval Reiki 4 Outline
Advanced Body Mechanics and Techniques Applying strength and energy focus from martial arts and applying them to massage therapy 12 Body Mechanics Outline

During approval of these courses, the Board of Massage stated that Reiki is beneficial to massage. This was mostly due to the Hands-On positions used to channel the energy from the universe through the practitioner to the client. (Hands-on positions are taught in each level of Reiki.) Because Reiki is beneficial to massage, the therapist may receive the required 18 hours of continuing education in a licensing period by taking all three Reiki courses. Since these classes are approved as either Massage or Massage-related by the Florida Board of Massage, they qualify for the  mandatory 12 classroom hours needed.

Because the Board of Massage deals only with human clients, the section on Reiki with Animals has been removed from the Masters class. This information may be taught (if desired by the students), but will not count toward the CEU hours for the Reiki 3 course.

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