Chakra Definitions

The chakras (pronounced shock-rahs) are the seven major energy centers in the body. Each point controls different parts of the body as well as different functions. For example, the root chakra located at the pubic bone controls all bodily functions in that area, as well as the legs, knees, and feet. If one has physical problems, the root chakra is probably out of balance, or blocked.

Each chakra also controls various functions such as thinking, communication, and balance. For each chakra, there is a color associated. The chart below shows each chakra along with their associated functions and colors. This the basic informational chakra chart. For a more detailed chakra chart, go here.

Chakra (from bottom to top)


Controlling Function

Root At the pubic bone where the genitals are. (The male root chakra is actually two inches lower than the female. ) Physical attributes, and abilities. Problems here could be any type of physical issue. Red

Also referred to as the center, core, or Hara (India)

The midsection two inches below the naval. Emotions. Problems could be any type of emotional issues from any type of situation (anger, depression, etc.) Orange
Solar Plexus The sternum just blow the rib cage. Thinking (all thought processes). Problems could cause problems thinking, or stem from over-thinking.) Yellow
Heart In the center of the chest. Balance (as it is a balance point between the upper and lower chakras). It can be physical balance, or balance in life. Problems could be maintaining physical balance, or balance between parts of life, like woirk and play. Green
Throat In the center of the throat. Communication. Problems could be having trouble comminicating, or biting one's tongue and not saying something they really want to say (like to one's boss). Blue
Third Eye The center of the forehead. Insight (intuition). Problems coud manifest with not knowing which way to turn in life, or being able to make decisions. Indigo (Blue / Violet)
Crown The top of the head. Global consciousness (ethereal connection to the universe, connection to spirit). Problems could be feeling very alone in the universe, unconnected. Violet

The colors of the chakras are, for the most part, based on primary colors. An easy way to remember them is to start at the root chakra, working to the crown, and take the first letter of each color to create the name Roy G. Biv (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). (This should be familiar to anyone that took any art class that dealt with color. It is also taught as the colors of the rainbow.)