Astral Projection Class

Similar to Remote viewing, Astral projection is the typical out-of-body experience. One creates an etheric (energy) body, and sends it to where they want to go. This could be to check in on loved ones, give comfort remotely, do remote healing work, or find out information about a place or people. Where Remote Viewing “sees” a place from some type of information (like an address), it does not send an energy body there (and in some cases, this could be preferable). Astral Projection allows you to travel in your energy body. With a body, one could comfort a friend with a caring touch, give someone a hug (which the person at the other end might feel). We actually astral project when we sleep. Our mind goes out and plays while our physical body rests. Did you ever wake up and feel not all there? That was your energy body not getting all back before you woke up. The next night, it does.

This class shows the student how to send their consciousness elsewhere to visit or help others. Two methods are taught, 1) through a deep meditation, and 2) through a conscious mind. Through deep meditation, astral projection is relatively straight forward, and seeing things is quite clear. However, if someone is in need, there is not enough time to get into a meditative state, so we also teach doing this technique out of a mostly conscious mind. This class shows the basics, letting the student practice during the class. (Like most classes, to become proficient, the student will need to practice on their own.)

Note: In all classes, time is listed as approximate and is based on how quickly the student picks up the information. For very short, or very long classes, the fee will be adjusted.

If scheduling this online, choose "Caring Palms Classes" from the list of sessions available, and put Astral Projection in the Note section.

Time Level Prerequisite Price
1 - 2 hours (approx) Advanced Meditation Class $70