Basic Energy Class

This class is an introduction to energy work with a focus on managing one’s own energy. It teaches how to open up the energy centers, protect oneself from negative energy, help oneself focus, and remove excess energy. The student will learn the following exercises:

Opening the Chakras: This prepares the major energy centers of the body to work throughout the day. It wakes up each center and prepares them to process energy for the day.

Shielding: One learns how to protect themselves from negative energies and emotions so that they are not affected when in crowds of people, or other negative situations. A shield is an energy barrier around someone that blocks negative energies, strong emotions, or other disruptive energy related occurrences.

Centering: This is a way of bringing in all loose thoughts so one can focus on what they need to. We constantly think about more than one thing at a time, basically multi-tasking. This teaches how to connect and eliminate all loose thoughts so that one can keep focus on what they are doing.

Grounding: This is a method of letting go of excess energy so one can calm, or sleep. When we work with energy, we usually have some excess hang around that we don’t need. This removes that excess by sending it into the earth.

These exercises are essential for anyone doing any type of energy work, or anyone affected by strong emotions of others. It is also important for those working with other people in a helping situation (like medical care, counseling, coaching, psychological care, massage, and more). (This information is taught as part of the Reiki 1 class.)

This class is scheduled on an as needed basis. If you are interested in taking it, please contact us and we will schedule it at a time convenient for both student and teacher.

Note: In all classes, time is listed as approximate and is based on how quickly the student picks up the information. For very short, or very long classes, the fee will be adjusted.

If scheduling this online, choose "Caring Palms Classes" from the list of sessions available, and put Basic Energy in the Note section.

Time Level Prerequisite Price
1 hour (approx) Beginner none $70