White Light Healing Classes

White Light work is work through spirit, usually done through a low to medium level trance mode which is in part a mediumship skill. White light can be used in many practical applications. It can be used to do major chakra cleansings, cord cutting, removal of negative things in people. It can also be used as the energy to do astral projection and distant healing.

In itself, Whte Light is a direct connection to spirit, receiving spirit energy, and using that energy to help heal others. It can be applied to people or situations in the past, present, or future.

WIth Reiki, the practitioner is like a hose. They connect to the "Reiki faucet" and passes that energy through them to whatever purpose the Reiki wants to do. With White Light, the practitioner is jumping in the pool and becoming one with the water, and the water is becoming one with them. While Reiki has a mind of its own, and does what it wants, the practitioner has some control with White Light. They do not get down into the details of what is happening, but requests that something specific be done.

This class can be taught in private classes, or group classes. The individual calsses will be more open to the need of the student while the group classes will follow a set guideline.

Please see the prerequisites. It is required that a student have some energy training, and or meditation skills to be able to make the connection to spirit.

If scheduling this online, choose "Caring Palms Classes" from the list of sessions available, and put White Light Healing in the Note section.

Time Level Prerequisite Price
Individual Classes      

1 hour (approx)

Advanced Basic Energy, Sensing Problems, Clearing Blocked Chakras, Reiki $70/hour
Group Classes      
4 hours (approx) Advanced Basic Energy, Sensing Problems, Clearing Blocked Chakras, Reiki $100