White Light Healing Classes

White Light work is work through spirit. Recently, we have been teaching this on a limited basis over several classes. We will continue to do this for those wishing to learn this advanced method of healing. The student will learn to connect to spirit to be able to use white light with lots of power. WHile working with white light, Along with this will come information from spirit to help the student know

White light can be used in many practical applications. It can be used to do major chakra cleansings, cord cutting, removal of negative things in people. It can also be used as the energy to do astral projection and distant healing. While working with white light, the student will apply it to other applications like Low Level Hand Scanning to not only locate problems, but to get information on how to heal each one (what methods they should use)..

This is not a one-shot class. It will be taught in a series of classes taking the student from the basic connection to use white light to using it in many applications. The idea is that it will be taught in 1-hour classes to one or two students at a time and scheduled on a convenient basis as decided by teacher and student.

Time Level Prerequisite Price
1 hour (approx) each class Advanced Basic Energy, Sensing Problems, Clearing Blocked Chakras $50/hour