Crystal Energy Associations

At a Reiki conference, one of the presenters was 'Super' Katie, a crystal healer. She gave us a chart of energy associations for common crystals. She was kind enough to allow it to be reproduced here.

Super Katie J's List of Common Crystal Energy Associations
Agate Health, growth, development, stability , balance, courage, soothing
Amber Warmth, enlightenment, remembrance, physical healing, happiness, protection against negativity, connection between sun and earth energies, stimulating
Amethyst Spiritual development and awakening, intuition, connection to Higher Self, soul journeys and dreams, heal addictions, transforms lower vibrations to higher vibrations, heals headaches
Celestite Enables deep meditation and connection with spirit guides, stone of divine truth, Mother Earth/Goddess energy, guidance on personal life purpose in Divine plan
Clear Quartz Amplifies and strengthens entire energy (auric) field; provides clarity, soul growth, self-trust, wisdom, access to akashic records, healing on all levels, connection to spirit worlds, purifies and detoxifies; manifestation of highest potential
Hematite Grounding and stabilizing, protects energy field (aura), enables astral projection, and soul travel, mental focus; heals blood, circulatory system, and reduces fevers
Jasper Physical healing, alignment of energy systems, encouragement, comfort, grounding; look at individual patterns in jasper to find appropriate stone for healing
Malachite Releases emotional imbalances and traumas, protects against psychic attacks and negativity, encourages wealth, abundance, and prosperity, needs frequent cleansing; detoxifies liver and gall bladder
Moldavite Increases spirit communication, astral travel, recall past lives, provides awareness of creation and other dimensions, raises energy vibrations
Moonstone Goddess stone, balances emotions and cycles, enhances self love and personal gifts, enables intuition, creativity and empathy; heals digestive tract and cramps
Rose Quartz Love, peace, emotional balance, living in the present moment, heals heartaches and guilt, calming, emotional healing
Smoky Quartz Slows down energy transfers, protects aura and environment, grounds and stabilizes energy, dissolves and stores negativity, heals fear and obsessions
Sodalite Uplifting and soothing stone that promotes meditation, increases intuition and psychic development, clarifies perceptions, enhances awareness; helps lymphatic and glandular systems
Tiger Eye Gentle grounding stone, protects energy field, raises confidence, inner strength, and courage, increases overall energy, protects travelers
Turquoise Overall health and healing, balancing, connections with Divine Love and Mother Earth, releases shame, guilt, and regrets, cooling and calming, increases intuition